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Beyond a graduate at CINEC Campus

CINEC Campus is located in Malabe, a quiet picturesque suburb in the capital city of Colombo with branches in popular suburbs Nugegoda and the cities of Jaffna and Trincomalee.
With an Internationally acknowledged reputation over 32 years in providing world class higher education to its credit CINEC today having earned the recognition and confidence of the society and relevant industries continues to diversify its reach to meet national demands of providing quality internationally recognized higher education to its youth in a competitive environment thus enriching quality of human resources in Sri Lanka to meet the challenges of the industries who are today seeking for sustainable development.
Graduate and Postgraduate education in the popular and in demand fields of Engineering and Technology, Information Technology, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Logistics, International Transport, English Language, Law and Aviation alongside highest level of maritime training at management level of Ship Captain, Chief Engineer and Marine Electro Technical Officer make CINEC unique and unchallenged to position itself as the leading and largest non-state higher education institute.
Complementing the vision of CINEC to provide Knowledge Skills and Competence to those who seek qualitative but affordable and flexible human capacity building, CINEC provide abundance of undergraduate certificate, diploma and higher diploma training opportunities in the same graduate training disciplines as well as in industrial engineering, underwater operations and hospitality thereby offering a wide spectrum of opportunities to the majority of the youth.
In accomplishing this noble service to the nation CINEC has partnered with government institutions of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Port & Shipping, University Grants Commission and Civil Aviation Authority. Conducting training course curriculumapproved by the Ministry of Higher Education and with the affiliation of Universities in China, Germany,UK and Australiathrough Faculties of Maritime Science, Marine Engineering, Engineering & Technology, Management and Social Sciences, Humanities & Education and Health Sciences,in Malabe and CINEC Metro Campus Nugegoda directly collaborate in providing these training.
The unprecedented investment in infrastructure on training facilities along with experienced and qualified academic and support staff and also the opportunities afforded to develop soft skills has propelled CINEC products to enjoy the cutting edge in securing employment. WhilE students are at heart of everything, we do at CINEC we focus on their performance standards and exit qualifications to be competitive in the industry, nurturing to produce a “Beyond a Graduate”.
This focus has enabled CINEC to maintain a hundred percent employability record earning confidence of parents, industry and society.
Four consecutive National Awards, Global (World Class) Performance Excellence Award and Asia Pacific Quality Award for Education and Training, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification and presidential export award for education arerare achievements that speaks volumes of the quality management at CINEC.
Falling in line with national objectives of preserving valuable foreign exchange, CINEC today provide popular and much desired foreign higher education qualifications conducted completely in Sri Lanka utilizing Sri Lankan academics and resources.
This has earned high praise from all quarters for the valuable contribution to the national objectives and economic and social development. CINEC has also managed the recent challenges of Covid pandemic, fuel shortage and conveyance difficulties through hybrid delivery of online and onsite activities ensuring all programmes are completed on time.
Meaningful investment in academic and scientific research is the globally recognized as the critical stimulant in advancement of science and technology and global trade to step up and condition the industry and future generation to face multitude of challenges.
In recognizing this vital component CINEC has collaborated with industry and global giants MAS Holdings, Brandix Lanka and Orange Electrical as training and research partners who have invested to establish their respective research and training centers in the Campus premises in Malabe.
This partnership is hailed by all foreign and local partners as a rare value addition to those studentswho make use of this facility.
In attracting students with higher entry qualifications and students who are not financially affluent CINEC has introduced an attractive scholarship scheme to students with Higher Grades at Advance Level as well as who perform well at each semester.
Easy Payment terms and facilitation of loan facilities too are intended to ease the financial burden of parents.
CINEC as the pioneer and the industry leader in maritime training has ventured offshore to show and fly their flag in Fiji and Seychelles winning the confidence of the respective governments to manage their National Maritime Training Institutions and also to train certain section of their students at CINEC Malabe.

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