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‘Lyceum Campus Open Day’ a guide to Higher Education

Lyceum Campus is the higher education arm of the Lyceum Education Group, and aims to become the preferred choice for private higher education in the region. Through the advancement of knowledge, development of continuous learning and emotional intelligence, Lyceum Campus will produce valuable citizens that will bring holistic skills into the world at large.
Situated in the heart of Nugegoda, the Lyceum Campus houses a well-experienced, eminent panel of faculty members will constantly guide you towards the path of success. With upgraded teaching techniques, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and hiring the best expertise to guide the students through the learning and teaching process, the Lyceum Campus is geared to showcase greater accountability and teaching with true transparency.
Students will be led towards a ‘student-centric environment’, where they will be guided to understand ways of learning and self-study while being able to apply knowledge in a hands-on environment. Students and staff alike will experience the uniqueness that Lyceum Campus brings and adapt into innovative ways of cooperating and engaging within the process of teaching and learning. As a student, one would get to experience the differentiated mechanisms of practical learning and hands-on exposure in the real world while being able to use what you learn.
Lyceum Campus in partnership with Deakin University intends to offer the following Diploma programs leading to a degree under the 1 + 2 model where the students can complete the 1st year at Lyceum Campus, Sri Lanka and transfer to Deakin University, Australia to complete the 2nd and 3rd years and obtain their undergraduate degree:

  1. Diploma of Business (Business Analytics) leading to Bachelor of Business Analytics
  2. Diploma of Business (Management) leading to Bachelor of Business
  3. Diploma of Business (Sport Management) leading to Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)
  4. Diploma of Business (Commerce) leading to Bachelor of Commerce

In addition to the Deakin transfer programs, Lyceum Campus offers the following options of completion in Sri Lanka:

= Foundation (Business)
= 3-year degrees (Business / Early Childhood Education)
= Diplomas (Teacher Education)

With this range of programs, and one of the most affordable price points in the market, Lyceum Campus is set to commence in September 2022. Lyceum Campus is opening its doors on Saturday, July 2 from 9:30am onwards for an Open Day – the first of many events related to the Campus. The Open Day will have a general information session from 10:30am – 11:30am and 2:00pm – 3:00pm. Joining these information sessions will brief students and parents on the programs available through the Lyceum Campus.
Throughout the Open Day, official representatives from the Deakin University Sri Lanka office will be on site and ready to answer any queries one might have. The official Lyceum Campus counsellors too will be at the Open Day and will guide you on tours around the Campus, showcasing facilities such as computer laboratories, classrooms and a highly equipped gymnasium.
Through the involvement of Lyceum Placements – the international placement arm affiliated with Lyceum Campus – students can gain direct access after A Levels or O Levels to foreign University education at 500+ Universities and colleges across 11 destinations. The international placements counsellors too will be available at the Open Day and can offer expert assistance and guidance on the best path after examinations, based on the students’ requirement.
The team at Lyceum Campus is eagerly awaiting its Open Day and warmly opens its arms to welcome all those who are interested in any of the above programs, or in foreign education to walk in on the 2nd of July, 9:30am onwards and gather important information on the next steps in the higher education journey.

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