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Global Opportunities within your Reach at UCL

When the quest to succeed globally becomes your passion, we at UCL are geared with the best quality transnational education to prepare you to take your life global. Our exclusive partnerships with Monash University, Australia, Dalhousie University, Canada and The Central Lancashire University in the UK offer an array of programs for students after O/Ls and A/Ls to start their Higher Education journey right here at UCL. The academic delivery at UCL is structured with the most modern and versatile syllabi which gives students the competitive edge to excel in any World Class University of their choice.
Universal College Lanka (UCL), is reputed as Sri Lanka’s premier transnational Higher Education provider with a proven record of producing top calibre students who have the requisite skills and attitudes to seamlessly absorbed in to the culture and student life of any world class University. This, in preparing them to take on a global career with confidence.
UCL has made a name for itself in the education sector with World Ranked Universities such as Monash University Australia, University of Central Lancashire, UK and Dalhousie University, Canada in providing meaningful, affordable and exciting transnational education opportunities to Sri Lankan students in the current challenging context, which translate to great opportunities overseas.
Monash University- A World Class Education Experience with a World’s Top 100 University
UCL has an exclusive partnership for Monash Education in Sri Lanka, providing a guaranteed pathway to Monash University in Australia and Malaysia. UCL is justly proud to have produced world-class students who have successfully won 334 Monash Global Awards of Excellence and had the distinction of winning the Best Graduates at Monash University graduations in the recent past.
These accolades bear testimony to the drive for excellence that propels its students to perform extremely well as global students, a trend UCL hopes to continue.
Monash Programs at UCL ;
=Monash University Foundation Year
=Monash College Diploma in Business/ IT/Engineering/ Sciences
University of Central Lancashire – The Best of British Education
UCL is also the exclusive partner of the University of Central Lancashire, UK to offer their degree completion programs in Software Engineering and International Business in Sri Lanka with a guaranteed internship opportunity in leading multinational and blue-chip Companies in the country.
During their 4 year degree program, UCaln students achieved 100% pass rates in the program and have secured 100% job opportunities in leading organisations. Many of them were employed even before the graduation ceremony. Students have the opportunity to complete their degree in Sri Lanka or in the UK.
UClan Programmes at UCL
=BA (Hons) International Business
=BSc (Hons) Software Engineering
Dalhousie University – The only Canadian Degree Program in
Sri Lanka
UCL’s latest initiative, its collaboration with the Dalhousie University, Canada to offers the one and only 2+2 Canada transfer program in Sri Lanka giving students the wonderful opportunity to study in modern and trendy Canada as future IT professionals. Students can benefit from a progressive and modern lifestyle and an unmatched University experience when they transfer to Canada to a top- notch Canadian University which is in the Top U15 research intensive Universities in Canada.
Dalhousie Programs at UCL
=Bachelor of Computer Science
=Bachelor of Applied Computer Science

With its holistic approach to transnational education and its unrelenting drive for excellence, UCL offers the world to discerning students who are eager to grab this golden opportunity. We also provide financial aid for parents with the leading banks in the country who need support to plan their child’s future better.
Connect with our professional trained and experienced Counsellors who will give you insights in to global opportunities starting in Sri Lanka today!
The May/June intake is now open for students after O/Ls and A/Ls to start their higher education in a desired field of study at UCL.

Call us for more information on– 0774777000 (Monash and Dalhousie) and 077110000 (ULan) for local and global offers.

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