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SLASSCOM Launches Program to Foster Talent for The Next Phase of Growth of the BPM Industry

With the continuous technological advances that are happening globally and digital services becoming more, the BPM Industry has thus become one of the leading and most in-demand industries.
The BPM industry in Sri Lanka has had an exponential growth and is among the best performing of all the economic sectors in the country, continuing to grow despite the pandemic, establishing a strong record of providing services and incredible innovation for some of the biggest brand names around the world, from North America, Europe to Australia, making a mark as one of the most reliable and high-quality destinations for BPM delivery. Additionally, the BPM industry has also helped in boosting the Sri Lankan economy, providing highly prized employment for over 25,000 staff, and the positive trend continues to grow exponentially.
Given this impressive trajectory, Sri Lanka Association for Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM) the national chamber for the IT/BPM industry in Sri Lanka, is initiating a series of initiatives across the country to harness the relevant talent quotient required to further enhance the country’s industry offering.They will be facilitating this venture by educating and building awareness amongst youth of the value drivers of the BPM industry, to attract the right demand and talent for the respective industry verticals.
Speaking of this initiative Jehan Perinpanayagam, SLASSCOM Board Representative for the BPM forum said, “We believe that the Sri Lankan BPM industry is poised for its next phase of growth and this will require us to attract and retain the right Sri Lankan talent. The industry needs both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals alike, to participate in this growing, dynamic and evolving industry and SLASSCOM will be stepping in to create awareness and share the unparalleled opportunities available in the industry”.
Shanaka Fernando,SLASSCOM BPM Forum Head explained “the IT-BPM industry has played a big role in influencing the socio-economic parameters across the country and helped in providing employment and a good standard of living to many that include not only those living and working in Colombo but also many in outstations. From Software Deployment and Support services, to Customer Interaction and Support, Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Management, Knowledge Services and Legal Services, the spectrum of services offered to global companies by Sri Lankan companies are huge.
He added “In our vision to help the Sri Lankan BPM industry accelerate to the next level, we see the first step is in attracting, training and nurturing the requisite talent for the industry and this is what our initiative is focused on. All over the world, the biggest brands are supported by BPM players who serve as expert partners to these Companies and we wanted our youth to be a part of this growing, dynamic, global industry that can develop them into a world-class professionals”.
SLASSCOM has developed a ‘Career Guides’ booklet and manual that will be promoted to Educational Institutions across the country, that provide clarity for all stakeholders, about the career opportunities available in the BPM industry and provides details about the skills & competencies required. These will enable students make informed choice about their aspirational career goals.This will also be backed by industry leader videos, posters, banners, motivational talk, and interactions with potential talent to highlight BPM career benefits.
Perinpanayagam further said, “The BPM industry has developed so many careers and is an ideal career choice for those looking to acquire experience on world class processes and serving global clients, receive world class knowledge and training in the latest technologies and looking to fast track career advancement. The BPM industry provides wonderful workspaces, often with flexible working arrangements, and some of the best training and skills development. There are so many wonderful stories of many who started in the industry as freshers and rapidly climbed the ladder to leadership positions, garnering impressive international experience. I highly recommend that every young professional study the BPM industry and explore opportunities for an exciting and fulfilling career”.

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