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GCE A/L Top Rankers to Receive ESOFT Scholarships

In recognition of the outstanding performance in the recently held GCE Advanced Level examination, ESOFT the trailblazer in quality Higher Education with an island-wide presence has decided to offer the internationally recognised PEARSON BTEC HND programs with a full scholarship for the island top rankers in their respective streams.
With a pioneering vision to empower aspiring and talented students, develop multifaceted future leaders, and champion greater good with ‘education with an impact’, this initiative by ESOFT is to offer the top-rankers a holistic learning experience with a UK HND program of their choice that will be vastly different from their mainstream local University Degree and be an eye-opener to international education. As the PLATINUM PARTNER for PEARSON in Sri Lanka for 4 consecutive years (since 2017 till now) due to sustained superior standards, ESOFT’s PEARSON BTEC HND programs of 18 months cover a vast scope of study including IT, Business, Engineering, Hospitality and Travel & Tourism.
Whilst giving the liberty for the island top-rankers to choose their preferred area of study from the PEARSON HND programs available, ESOFT also ensures that the students can successfully complete the course via online, part-time, modular basis or by attending minimum classes at the campus. The extended flexibility is to ensure that the HND program does not hinder their local University Degree in any way but rather supplement and enhance their overall learning by grooming them with multi-skills such as language proficiency, presentation skills, managerial skills, entrepreneurial outlook and other related soft-skills and to make them well-geared to face the corporate world and take on challenges.
The HND intake is now on and hence a major portion of the course learning will be completed before the local University commences giving the top-rankers a competitive edge over others. In addition to completing the HND program, the student can also top it off with a degree later on by studying just one more year. The overall objective is to ensure that the student is not only exposed to the highly technical state University Degree, but is completed with a well-rounded international qualification making him/her stand out from the rest.
Driven to be a one-stop hub of excellence in higher education and career empowerment, ESOFT’s PEARSON BTEC HND programs (BTEC HND in Computing, BTEC HND in Business Management, BTEC HND in Engineering, BTEC HND in Hospitality Management and BTEC HND in Travel & Tourism Management) offers a solid grounding in the respective field of study whilst preparing the student with the right skill set and knowledge to compete in the job market. It is noteworthy that the PEARSON HND programs are carefully curated by a team of eminent academia and industry experts with updated syllabus content with the evolving industry horizons in mind and ensuring the students receive sound theoretical, practical and analytical knowledge. Whilst being the next stepping stone in a student’s Higher Education journey, the HND program is apt for front-runners who want an internationally recognised qualification with infinite learning possibilities and a whole new experience.
ESOFT is founded on the principle to encourage innovation, learning, career empowerment, professional ethics and integrity whilst promoting an environment to reward risk-taking and produce well-rounded graduates who are capable of providing the necessary leadership to overcome the many economic, social and environmental challenges the country is faced with. The full scholarship of the PEARSON BTEC HND programs to the select island toppers is offered with this in mind and to create versatile and capable professionals and leaders.
As a game changer in Higher Education, ESOFT creates knowledge and adequate human capital necessary to invent and drive innovations to effect positive economic and societal changes. The pioneering educational body promotes a liberal environment for research and learning of the highest calibre supported via its integrated collegiate system. Driven to break traditional learning boundaries and explore further beyond, ESOFT is a pioneer in Sri Lanka to create an extraordinary learning experience and a memorable University life for every student.
Taking pride in empowering students and creating future leaders for over two decades, ESOFT not only expands the horizon of quality higher education opportunities and facilities which are on par with international Universities, but is also a trailblazer for its commitment, experience and strong leadership to provide an ‘education with an impact’.

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