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Make Your Future Dreams a Reality in Germany through Professional Consulting via

It is easy to spot a professional in their field when you know that they show a level of dedication towards a single facet of their work segment and work hard to ensure that they provide the ultimate level of service focused on that segment alone. One of the few challenging service provision fields seen today in Sri Lanka aims at the segment of acquiring visas to travel abroad, especially to countries from the Global North. In this case, the founders behind a recent venture, offers the best service in the country, aimed specifically at anyone who wishes to travel to Germany for study, work and travel purposes. was founded by former German Embassy employee, Prasad De Zoysa and business partner, Kaushalya Karunarathna.
The reason that compelled him to initiate a visa consultancy company was inspired after he noticed the amount of Sri Lankans who either simply struggled with completing their visa applications in a correct manner or faced difficulties when it came to dealing with documentation and other visa application procedures that needed to be followed in order to acquire a visa for Germany. At, Prasad and Kaushalya specialize in providing all relevant consultancy and visa guidance services, covering all visa categories, exclusively to Germany. The main benefit that prospective applicants can gain from their services is the assurance that their visa process will be successful and they would receive the necessary support needed in order to make their travel dream to Germany, a reality.
Prospective clients can look forward to not only student and work visas but family reunion visas and tourist/visit visas or the Schengen visa as well. Currently, their main focus is highlighted towards supporting clients with long-term visas such as for clients who seek to move to Germany for study purposes. Apart from this, the consultants also offer translation services (German – English – Sinhala) and have been certified as Sworn Translators by the Ministry of Justice. Their consultancy process also includes supporting clients in getting their personal, legal, business & corporate and medical documents aligned as per the requirement of their visa application procedures and also provide support with technical documents. Alongside this, the team is also available for interpreting support, especially for court hearings, business meetings etc.
A former employee of the German Embassy in Sri Lanka for nearly 11 years, Prasad is proficient with the ins and outs of the requirements of German visa officials and is an ideal professional who can easily assist anyone who aspires to make a life for themselves in Germany. An ideal pathway, is aimed at supporting youth and students who wish to follow a degree or vocational level program in Germany. A benefit of opting for a country such as Germany is due to the fact that students have the opportunity if gaining tuition-free studies and all that is needed is for them to cover living expenses. Alongside this, the team at are capable of finding the ideal program for the prospective applicant from a selection of over 530 universities in Germany.
Being the 4th largest economy in the world, Germany is a prosperous nation with a population of 83.02 million. As a country that boasts of educational resources and state-of-the-art facilities made available for their student population of over 3 million, out of this figure, 400,000 students travel from other countries to study there. Interested applicants can choose to apply for a course and study in either the German or English languages. Students who opt to go for the apprenticeship or vocational education path, are guaranteed a job at the end of their program and after five years, can apply for a permanent residency. Students with Ordinary Level results can easily opt for vocational level courses.
When compared to Sri Lanka, in terms of internationally recognized educational qualifications, Sri Lanka currently has only 16 universities and institutes that offer degree programs. Though around 160,000 students tend to pass out with their advanced levels annually, out of this only between 25,000 to 30,000 students get the opportunity to attend state universities. With an opportunity to gain a world-class qualification and that too, at a rate that is manageable, students who enrol will have the chance to also establish themselves in Germany one day, depending on their program and their future aspirations.
To get in touch with the team and enquire about their services, visit them at, 48/1/1, Athurugiriya Road, Malabe. Visit them online by logging on to or email them at [email protected]

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