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High Recognition for Bristol MBA’s Academically and Industry Driven Focus

Bristol Institute has established a strong foot in the tertiary and higher education market based on the formula of offering academically rigor high-quality degree programs in Sri Lanka.
As such, the demand for their MBA program from UWE has accelerated due to the structure and practicality of the program and the positive reputation garnered across a range of industries.
The degree equips current and future leaders with the mix of academic and industry understanding and skills to drive high-level business strategy. The course content is structured to include actual examples of challenges from the corporate world and are taught in a way that fosters reflective thinking, critical analysis and synthesis. Many of the assessments are industry-driven, with the academic emphasis, thus making it more relevant to those who have already carved out their career path in a specific field. That being said, as organisations today are increasingly analyzing the value of the degree and how it might benefit the company’s own growth, sustainability and innovation. Bristol MBAs have become highly sort out postgraduate qualification in Sri Lanka.
Backed by their partnership with the University of the West of England Bristol (UWE Bristol), and armed with a team of experienced lecturers who possess the ideal balance of academic and professional acumen along with top level industry experience to deliver an unparalleled, modern and inspirational learning experience, the institute has successfully completed eight batches of their MBA program, with the pandemic in force not disrupting students signing up for the program.
With the aspirations of providing high quality degree programs Dr. Nazeefa Fawzer, the Head of Academic Affairs at Bristol Institute emphasis the need to inculcate students learning experience which will implant academic integrity, creativity and innovation throughout their study at Bristol Institute. According to her “At Bristol students are always challenged to think, perform, and grow from their current mindset, which in turn helps to shape their self-development journey and makes them more effective leaders on the job and in real time. This MBA provides unique active learning experience through simulations where students learn analytical and decision making skills”.
Apart from rich content delivered via engaging methods by a pool of lecturers, the Institute also has a vibrant research culture with active participation in Research Communities focused in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, and global finance, among others.
This research-based learning environment helps students to enhance and broaden their learning experience and in turn positively influence their career goals. Working within research groups on projects and assignments also fosters richer discussions and effective sharing of knowledge and information, therefore encouraging more collaborative learning that’s applicable in a work environment as well. To further make the course content relatable and meaningful, industry-based guest speakers representing top Corporates and Professional bodies are a regular feature in the program.
This is where graduates are invited to workshops, discussion panels, and guest speaker events where they will meet top industry executives and learn about the latest business insights.
As a whole the MBA at Bristol Institute offers a board room experience rather than a lecture room experience with a holistic approach of blending industry and academia point of view.

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