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SLITHM to Introduce Many New Courses for 2021 intake

The only and main Institution in Sri Lanka generating professionals for tourism and hotel management is the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management (SLITHM). This Institution, operating since 1962 through several main objectives relevant to the tourism sphere, is the most correct and easiest path for rural youth to obtain overseas employment through tourism and hotel management sphere.
The specialties of SLITHM are, operating courses covering all aspects of tourism and hotel industry, giving students the relevant training, providing on-the-job training to students and operating courses in Hotel School in Colombo and other centre located in Kandy, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura, Bandarawela, Ratnapura, Koggala, Pasikudah and Jaffna giving more opportunities to rural youth.
The next intake will have 500 students to study in Colombo at the main Hotel School in Kollupitiya while another 1,000 students are to be absorbed to SLITHM branches island-wide.
SLITHM is also operating the Samudra Hotel located on its premises with the objective of providing practical training facilities for its students. Through that, students are given complete practical training in addition to theoretical training.
According to Sri Lanka Tourism, Chairperson, Mrs. Kimarli Fernando, the Government is endeavouring to promote tourism in Sri Lanka, which is reviving once again through opening of airports to tourists and all health guidelines that have to be followed in the case of tourists travelling to the country have been updated to the good of tourists and the country.
“Our next objective is promoting Ayurveda, wildlife and adventure tourism. We have already taken steps to promote our wildlife resources worldwide using various ways to attract tourists to visit our country with a view to visiting our wild life sanctuaries.
“The biodiversity of our country is such that, a tourist in a light aircraft could visit sea and beaches, cool mountains, see a leopard in the wilderness and elephants in a ‘Wew Thawulla’ and come back to Colombo and savour a crab curry in a day. When tourists are travelling in this way in the country and in rural areas, more people providing services for them should be generated. Tourists don’t like to stay inside hotels all the time. They like to travel freely. So, the opportunity has dawned for village-centered tourism. The workforce providing those services is being trained by SLITHM. Our youth have to be educated to make use of those services”.
According to the Chairperson, more workers have to be generated for the tourism industry that is gradually reawakening. SLITHM, Director General, Mrs. Nadeeka Wataliyadda spoke about its readiness to generate more workers to the Tourism and Hotel Management sector for its tasks.
“Even though there is a setback in the number of students in year 2021 compared to year 2020 due to the unfavourable health conditions in the country, we covered as much as possible of the syllabus through online classes. But, it did not agree 100% with the students of our branches. There were many issues with internet facilities for our rural students. We changed our evaluation systems for those students. We held practical exams for small groups. Whatever problems arose due to the Covid pandemic, we held examinations as usual and ended our courses. Now, we are ready for new courses for year 2021”.
“Our courses are based on developing professional skills and talents necessary for the Hotel and Tourism sector. So, while giving pride of place to practical training, we are taking steps to the maximum to empower professional entering the hotel and tourism industry imparting knowledge charging very concessionary course fees.”
“The tourism industry is reviving gradually. This reviving industry need workers in the coming months. People cannot be prepared to fulfill this need in a day or two. Opening of even one hotel will generate employment opportunities for people in the surroundings. Furthermore, the ‘Home Stay’ concept that is the setting up of a comfortable room in the home for tourists who come, for example, to observe elephants is becoming very popular at present. Now, the country needs novel concepts such as Community-based Tourism. This year, we are concentrating on short term courses preparing villagers for suitable hospitality services. Why is that? Many tourists who like to bathe in village streams and rivers, reap paddy and help in harvesting, climb up to a village ‘Chena Hut’ and observe elephants, enjoy a ‘Halapa’ or a ‘Wandu Appa’ prepared in a village hut’s hearth and savour the cooling water of a young coconut (Kurumba) visit Sri Lanka. People offering them hospitality services should be generated from those far-flung villages.”
So, we are making arrangements to hold very short term edification courses for those people based on our provincial Hotel Schools. We are telling you to prepare for the reviving hotel and tourism sector as much needed workers for the sector, without wasting time thinking of its instability. SLITHM has courses relevant to any segment you want to join. Especially through courses such as,
1) Certificate Course in Event Management
2) Tracking & Hiking
3) Community based Tourism Certificate
4) Tourist Guide Certificate,
We are shouldering the national programme of preparing an economic methodology based on people activating concepts such as ’Tourism for villages’. Why? Instead of village people coming to Colombo seeking employment, we are pointing them towards a methodology of directing village people towards tourism, which will uplift the village economy centered on villages”.
“Furthermore, the Hotel and Tourism section of students who are leaving schools after G.C.E. (Ordinary Level) examination under the 13 years of continuous education activated by the government is also entrusted to us. We have readied over 1000 students for the tourism sector through this programme in years 2019 and 2020. Even though this is somewhat a difficult task, we are bound to accomplish it as this is a government service shouldering the national endeavour”.
For further Further information of new tourism courses – contact Dheera – on 0718 036635

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