Saturday, May 15, 2021
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ICON Business School to Launch Next Generation Learning Management System

business school a leading Educational Service provider in the fields of accounting, finance and business management is set to lead the way in the shift toward online learning with the launch of a new world-class, advanced Learning Management System (LMS), an initiative that would benefit their current and future population of students and their industry renowned lecture team to make an impact on their learning and teaching, respectively.
This market-leading learning management system will do much more than host virtual classes and will contribute in helping students learn and access class work, assignments and relevant study material from anywhere at any time, thereby driving deeper learning.
Designed with quick, easy individualised learning and feedback systems, flexible grading schemes and sophisticated dashboards that delivers real-time learning progress, the LMS will also empower lecturers to fast-track the creation and delivery of innovative learning experiences to support student engagement and course completion.
Enabled with a host of new age features, it allows lecturers to create and assign lessons, conduct online exams and track student attendance and performance. The platform can personalise learning based on individual student goals and results, as well as maximising peer-to-peer learning through group activities and online communication tools.
Lecturers can also mix and match a variety of learning activities and assessments to boost student learning outcomes. Built with easy-to-use course navigation and rich multimedia features, it provides students with more tools to assist in their learning and includes easier to use discussion boards, simplified assignment submission and viewing and enhanced instructor interaction.
Overall, this powerful and user-friendly learning management system is designed to meet the needs of today’s online training and scale with all of the institutes future eLearning needs.
The sophisticated Learning Management system will be combined with a new business site and utilized for all the programs at ICON that includes classes in ACCA, CIMA and OBU degree in accounting and finance.
The Promoters of ICON Business School said “student’s success is at the forefront of everything we do and as such our aim has always been to put the power of modern learning methods and technology into the hands of our lecturers. At no time has the need for this been as great as right now, and we’re committed to helping our lecturers provide an amazing student experience that will give them the maximum support in continuing their studies uninterrupted and with no compromises made in their quality of learning but rather in having it enhanced. It also gives us the ability to quickly adapt to changing educational trends and technologies going forward.
With ICON’s mission and values of effective student learning and accessibility, the Learning Management System will allow the institute to maintain a continued focus on innovation and affordability towards the best interests of their students in the current pandemic era.

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