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“Teaching Many Subject Matters to Memorize is not Education”

Minister of Education Professor G.L. Peiris said that teaching many subject matters for the children to memorize is the great weakness of our education system and building the personality of the children to face the challenges in life and to act independently is what should be through education.
Minister made these comments at an event at St. Aloysius’ College in Galle under the patronage of Minister of Education on the 16th of this month.
Minister explained that steps would be taken to set up a digital platform in coming March to obtain ideas, proposals and advice from all parties including religious leaders, intellects, heads of various fields, principals, parents, past students and businessmen of this country regarding how the education should be formulated, the changes that should be made, what sort of support should be provided for our children to match the future work world. Minister pointed out that at times it is practically difficult to implement decisions taken regarding education at the Ministry of Education from Isurupaya and the co-ordination in ground level is very important for that.
Minister also pointed out that the biggest shortcoming in our present education system is the mismatch of the education our children receive and the job market. Minister explained that there are a lot of employment opportunities in the business institutions but most of the children have failed to obtain the qualifications and skills to match those job opportunities and through educational reforms in the near future the government expects to address these shortcomings.
Minister also said that prime attention should be paid to special fields such as Information Technology, Computer Technology, Languages and Communication skills within the education system and through development of these fields can contribute to uplift the economy of this country. Minister who pointed out that many actions could be implemented in the near future within the education system including provision of Smart Classrooms, modernization of the university courses and increasing the university entrance opportunities and emphasized that the success and productivity of steps taken at national level depends on the support provided by all parties.
Minister of Plantation Industries Dr. Ramesh Pathirana, Secretary to the Ministry of Education Professor Kapila Perera, Old Boy of St. Aloysius’ College Dilith Jayaweera, Dhammika Perera, Media Secretary of the Ministry of Education Buddhika Wickramadara and many others graced the occasion.
Newly constructed Smart Classroom and the Media Unit of St. Aloysius’ College, Galle were declared open by the Minister of Education Professor G.L. Peiris and he also went around to find out the shortcomings in the infrastructure facilities.

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