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Rewarding Career Opportunity From MSU’s Human Capital Management Program

Employees are the lifeline of an organization. An organization can’t survive if there are no employees. Therefore it is vital that every organization hires the right employees and motivates them from time to time so that they develop a sense of attachment towards their organization and also deliver their best. In the years to come, it is going to become even more evident that people are the biggest competitive advantage and differentiator for any organization.
Until we develop artificial intelligence, we pretty much need human capital to accomplish anything in the world today. In fact, it takes human capital to create some other forms of capital. Human capital to is needed to design and build the high-tech machines used today.
And as we move deeper and deeper into a knowledge-based economy that depends on information, knowledge and high-level skills, human capital will become increasingly important.
The Management & Science Institute (MSI) offers students a multitude of diploma programmes in a wide variety of specialization and provides students an opportunity of continuing their Bachelor’s degrees and postgraduate programmes at Colombo, MSU Malaysia or at any of their partner Universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Japan. MSI is a registered institute under the Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) in Sri Lanka.
Amongst the many programs offered, MSI offers a Diploma in Human Capital Management program is a specialized management program focusing on human resources as an essential function of an organization and sees employees as a capital, meaning that by investing in employees, organizations can grow their capital in the future
At the heart of every successful business lies the human Capital management team who drive all aspects of staff management. Having a career in Human Capital Management is a very rewarding experience and sets you up for an exciting future
Here are a few benefits of studying Human Capital Management
It’s a versatile field: You will gain knowledge and experience in multiple areas like Business, Leadership, Law, Marketing, Psychology and Education.
You can work in any industry: HC Management is a function that is needed in any industry, and many of the skills that you develop will be transferable across sectors. In fact, changing industries as an HR professional is probably easier than for any other kind of job. You can use the foundational knowledge you have acquired no matter what kind of business your organization is in or even whichever country you are based in.
You have room to grow: As an important business function, HR allows for an interesting growth trajectory.
If you decide to work for a larger Company, you might even move up the corporate ladder to top management roles like Chief HR Officer or Chief People Officer. As you ascend, you will acquire new skills, authority, and a higher salary. But opportunities are just as limitless in smaller companies.
Here you will have the greater opportunity to personalize relationships with every employee and be given more autonomy in skill-building.
A satisfying and rewarding career: By far the best thing about HRM is the people you will work with and positively impact. Over time, you will see how much your support and position make in the difference of a Company’s Employees, and you will help people reach their full professional potential. It can be a very rewarding career indeed.
Lessons are conducted through a combination of classroom learning and on-the-job training. The program seeks to maximize learning by utilizing hands-on discovery and discussion presentations, which allow room for creative thinking and problem-solving.
Students will graduate with cutting edge knowledge of the best industry practices, as well as a service innovation mindset, adding further value to their future employability.
Committed towards ensuring a high rate of student’s success; besides providing international experience and exposure among students in their relevant subject areas, extensive industrial training components are also blended into all the programs of study to enhance Graduates’ employability.
MSI has an excellent panel of lecturers both part time and full time who offer a stimulating and challenging learning experience. Our full-time faculty is supplemented by visiting lecturers, experienced industry leaders and experts.
All programs are conducted over a period of 16 months on both a full time well as on a part time semester basis with the entry requirements being the G.C.E. O/L or A/L.
MSI is the Colombo center for MSU Malaysia. MSU achieved Excellent Status University twice on the national university-rating system SETARA by the Higher Education Ministry Malaysia.
It achieved highest global standards by attaining 5 STARS in the 2016 QS Stars University Rating for Teaching, Employability, Facilities, Social Responsibility and Inclusiveness. It is the winner of The Most Entrepreneurial Private University 2016 by MOHE, Malaysia.
MSU is member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), UK and recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC) Sri Lanka.
For further information in obtaining this degree of repute please contact 0112576644, 0112576700, Hot Line 0770777880, email [email protected] or visiting MSI Colombo at, No. 300 Galle Road, Colombo 3.

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