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Ten new Online Short Courses to Unlock Your Potential

ESOFT Metro Campus is a trusted name in higher education, with over 20 years of experience in serving the Sri Lankan youth. ESOFT has built a name for awarding qualifications from reputed international partners including Pearson (Edexcel) UK, the British Computer Society (BCS), London Metropolitan University UK, and Kingston University UK.
ESOFT has built up a reputation for disrupting the educational landscape, and the year 2021 is no different.
2020 was a memorable year that people would soon like to forget about, and the educational pathway of lot of students has been negatively affected. ESOFT has adapted to the situation and introduced a range of educational programmes, in completely online/distance mode.
Our programmes have been designed by taking your development interests into account. The new programmes which have been introduced are:

  1. Assured Diploma in IT (DiTEC) – Sinhala/English/Tamil
  2. Assured Diploma in Business Management (DiBM) – English/Sinhala
  3. Assured Diploma in English (DiE)
  4. Assured Diploma in Software Engineering (DiSE)
  5. Assured Diploma in Marketing
  6. Assured Diploma in Human Resource Management
  7. Assured Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management
  8. Assured Diploma in Computerised Accounting
  9. Assured Diploma in Digital Marketing
  10. Assured Diploma in Business IT
    These programmes can be done online, using our digital learning platform. It includes recorded video lessons, and the first two programmes, namely the IT and the Business Management programme are available in multiple languages, to make learning easier.
    The platform also includes online exercises to test the knowledge of the learner. These exercises use the concept of gamification, to make learning more fun.
    One main benefit of using this learning platform is that it allows the student to learn at his or her own pace or speed.
    There is no stress to complete the programme in a short time period. The sessions can be followed when free time is available, using either a computer or a smart phone, from anywhere.
    The self-paced learning principle is also important so as not to interfere with the normal school work or your job or profession.
    The learner can take a break from learning and focus on other work when needed. The platform simply allows you to pickup later from where you left off.
    As an introductory offer, discounts are offered in the following way.
  11. Register for any one of the above programmes and get 25%
  12. Register for any two of the above programmes, and get 25% off for the first one, and 50% off for the second one.

We invite you to visit our website or call us on 011 7 572 572 to find out more details. We will gladly counsel you to choose the best pathway.

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