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ESOFT Metro Campus introduces Digital Learning Platform for Children to learn IT

ESOFT Metro Campus is a trusted name in higher education, with over 20 years of experience in serving the Sri Lankan youth. ESOFT has built a name for awarding qualifications from reputed international partners including Pearson (Edexcel) UK, the British Computer Society (BCS), London Metropolitan University UK, and Kingston University UK.
ESOFT has built up a reputation for disrupting the educational landscape, and the year 2020 is no different. It has been a memorable year that people would soon like to forget about, and the educational pathway of lot of students has been negatively affected. ESOFT has adapted to the situation and introduced a range of educational programmes, in completely online / distance mode.
First, let’s discuss the importance of learning IT at an early age.
IT is all around us, and you need for your day to day activities such as shopping, paying your bills, finding information, using your smartphone, and so on. It has also become part and parcel of almost every profession. Information Systems and IT Systems are being used by Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Marketers, Managers, Executives, and even Operational Staff. Giving your son or daughter a proper grounding in IT will make them better prepared to handle the challenges of the future.
Now that you know the importance of IT, let’s look at the offering from ESOFT.
Our educational pathway has been designed by taking your child’s age and interests into account.
Stage 1 is aimed at children who are in year 6 or 7 in school, and gives them a solid background in IT, covering the use of the operating system, basic word processing and productivity applications, internet and email, graphic design, and so on. It gives the child the skills that are needed to effectively use a computer.
Stage 2 is for children in years 7 and 8. It picks up from the certificate level, and adds Software Engineering and Programming, together with Databases. Children will be able to develop simple to medium complexity applications and programmes, and will learn to apply problem solving skills.
Stage 3 is for years 8 to 9, and will start building on the degree pathway by allowing your child to complete a qualification that is equivalent to the first year of a UK honours degree. This level 4 qualification is from the British Computer Society, and covers three main subjects, Information Systems, Software Development, and Computer & Network Technology. By itself, the BCS HEQ Certificate level is an internationally recognised qualification and will add a lot of value to your child’s prospects.
Stage 4 is recommended for years 9-10 in school, and consists of the BCS HEQ Diploma, which is a level 5 qualification. This means that it is academically equivalent to the 2nd year of a UK Honours Degree.
Stage 5 is the final degree year, and can be done from most UK Universities either in Sri Lanka or in the UK itself. You could aim to complete this stage after O/L’s or even thereafter.
The first 4 stages can be done online, using our digital learning platform. It includes recorded video lessons, and the first two levels are available in all three languages, to make learning much easier. The platform also includes online exercises to test the knowledge of the learner. These exercises use the concept of gamification, to make learning more fun. Online live learning sessions are also available for revising important concepts and areas in the syllabus.
One main benefit of using this learning platform is that it allows the student to learn at his or her own pace or speed. There is no stress to complete the programme in a short time period. The sessions can be followed when free time is available, using either a computer or a smart phone, from anywhere.
The self-paced learning principle is also important so as not to interfere with the normal school curriculum. The student can take a break from learning IT and focus on the schoolwork for exam times and for other reasons. The platform simply allows you to pick up later from where you left off. Although we have indicated the years/grades at which the stages can be done, that is totally up to you. You can pace it out and achieve the different levels throughout the school journey.
Whatever the field your son or daughter may choose eventually, it’s useful to have a solid understanding in IT. Completing the exams and achieving the qualifications will also give you the benefit of having a double qualification, or in having a backup plan/career choice if your first choice does not work out. The IT industry will keep growing into the foreseeable future, and the earning potential is also very high. You can rest assured that you have done what is needed as a parent to ensure that your child has a safe and secure future. Investing in an IT education will never be a miss.
We invite you to visit our website, or call us on 011 7 572 572 to find out more details. We will gladly counsel you to choose the best pathway.

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