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NIBM – PQC first to introduce Manufacturing Engineering Degree along with Coventry University UK

Manufacturing is transforming raw materials into useful products through the use of the most effective methods. Manufacturing engineers determine the types of equipment, tools, quality materials, and processes required to transform the design of a product into reality. They apply analytical and problem-solving skills to discover the optimal combination of machinery, materials and methods needed to keep production costs and time low. Also, manufacturing engineers focus on manufacturing quality products by minimizing process variations and delivering safe products by focusing on human factors and ergonomics.
Manufacturing engineers are in great demand in Sri Lanka and abroad. The Sri Lankan government has identified that in addition to the large manufacturing companies, the Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) related to the manufacturing sector plays a vital role in economic development, employment generation and poverty reduction in Sri Lanka. Therefore the government encourages manufacturing-related SMEs by supporting start-up SME business and strengthening existing enterprises. So this will create massive opportunities for individuals who are already in the manufacturing field as well as those who aspire to venture into manufacturing engineering.
The global growth of manufacturing industries presents a unique set of challenges to Sri Lankan small and large scale manufacturing companies. Lack of qualified and well trained employees is one of the main challenges. To fill that vacuum, the Productivity and Quality Center at NIBM is offering BEng (Hons) Manufacturing Engineering degree in collaboration with Coventry University UK.
Modern Technology
The NIBM recognizes the importance of hands-on experience as a powerful method to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills. Therefore, NIBM has collaborated with the industries, research institutions, and academic institutions to provide practical experience in modern manufacturing environment and to expose the participants into newest technology. For instance, participants will learn how to operate CNC machines, 3-D printing machines, automated machines, hydraulic pumps, general manufacturing machines, computer programming techniques, instrumentation and calibration, electronics and electrical devices, and machine maintenance, etc., during three academic years.
Job Opportunities
Manufacturing Engineering graduates are groomed for diverse career options available in numerous Sri Lankan industries as well as in other countries. Career positions in the fields of electronics, energy, food processing, pharmaceutical, rubber, metal, apparel, and agriculture are some such examples. Job titles such as design engineer, manufacturing engineer/manager, process engineer/manager, product development engineer, operations engineer/manager, manufacturing design engineer, quality engineer/manager, technical manager, administrative manager, process engineer, industrial engineer, engineering manager, maintenance engineer/manager, manufacturing engineer/manager and process design engineer are some examples available for these graduates. As this is a new area in Engineering, it opens up new vistas for the students.
This degree program is intended to enhance the participants’ scientific and engineering knowledge in the areas of design, manufacture, and distribution of products. To achieve this objective this degree program is designed with a diverse array of new subject areas such as engineering drawing, six sigma quality, computer programming, engineering technology, electronics, engineering materials technology, environmental engineering, automation and robotics, work systems design and occupational ergonomics, product design and development, project management, maintenance engineering, lean manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management, computer simulations of manufacturing systems and operations of factories.
The students have to complete an individual project as a requirement of the final year, which allows the participants to demonstrate their skills within a professional context. The final year project is bespoke, research and industry-inspired and particular to each participant with specific aims and objectives that are matched to their strengths and career aims. In addition, it reinforces and builds on aspects of topics they have learned during their course.
Direct Admission
= Those who have completed G.C.E A/L examination in Physical Science stream (Combined Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry) with three simple passes.
Conditional Admission
Upon successfully completing the Advanced Certificate in Engineering Science (ACES) program conducted by NIBM, the following participants will proceed directly into the degree program.
= Those who have completed G.C.E A/L examination in the Bioscience stream (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry) with three simple passes.
= Those who have completed G.C.E A/L examination in the Technology stream with three simple passes

This is a golden opportunity for Sri Lankan students to obtain a world class engineering degree from a top class UK university while safely staying at home at an affordable price. Scholarships and bank loan facilities are also available.

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