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SLIIT Invites Students to Embark on Globally Acclaimed Architecture Degree

SLIIT BSc (Hons) Degree in Architecture is a 3-year full-time degree, awarded by the Liverpool John Moore’s University (LJMU) UK, and fully accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). The program provides recognized quality education within the shortest possible duration on par with international standards.
Adaptability, timely decisions making and responsible leadership are essential skills which SLIIT aims to instill in students apart from subject and technical knowhow. This has been demonstrated by SLIIT’s pioneering leadership in moving students to a virtual learning environment as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic affected Sri Lanka during early March.
The SLIIT School of Architecture, as a creative and studio-based education setup was also able to adapt, moving its studio spaces, offering one-on-one design tutoring, lectures and even examinations to a parallel online platform from March ensuring student studies were not impacted.
Due to this timely initiative and the ability to adjust to situations, SLIIT final year students were able to complete their degree as planned by the first week of September 2020 without further delay. These students have been welcomed by the industry and employed by architects and architectural firms. Following a year of industry training, they will be able to join the 2-year MSc postgraduate degree in Architecture at SLIIT, also awarded by LJMU which is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. These degrees are also recognised by the University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka.
High Quality Graduates of International Standard
SLIIT aims to create professionals with an artistic flair, who are technically skilled and able to respond to the needs of the professional market and work shoulder to shoulder with global creativity. The quality of the SLIIT Architecture program was evident by the RIBA full accreditation received within the first four years of the school’s existence in addition to receiving three commendations.
Due to this standard and quality of education maintained, the achievements of SLIIT graduates have been recognised locally and internationally during the past few years.
One of SLIIT’s undergraduate architecture students won first place in the largest architecture student design competition in the world – the INSPIRELI Awards in 2019, and two students were placed 1st and 3rd at a design competition held by the Jaffna Mayor’s office for the Chatty Beach front development in Jaffna in 2019.
In 2020, a SLIIT graduate had been selected as one of three finalists for the Port City ‘Envision the Future’ design competition. 80% of students graduated since 2018, have received scholarships to pursue their master’s degree in Architecture at prestigious universities around the world. With the demand for an Architecture Master’s program in Sri Lanka, SLIIT commenced a 2-year full time MSc in Architecture in 2020, which is also in collaboration with Liverpool John Moore’s University in UK.SLIIT Architecture graduates who are overseas pursuing postgraduate studies have been able to thrive in their selected programs due to their unique creative strengths sharpened at SLIIT, their extremely good technical skills and maturity in thinking and analysing. The SLIIT School of Architecture also has foreign students who have joined the program. SLIIT has also made arrangements to provide local students with exchange opportunities and transfer options to LJMU and other universities.
Studying Architecture at SLIIT
“Architecture has become a prestigious and sought-after field of study for many youngsters today. It is the link between the technical or engineering science and the creative arts of expression which brings a uniqueness to not just buildings, cities and places but also to people’s lives.
It is indeed one of the most fulfilling professions to be in,” said Aishani Jayasinghe, Head School of Architecture. Upon completion of A/Levels, any student wishing to study architecture, looking for a fulfilling and holistic university experience is offered the ideal quality degree program at SLIIT.
SLIIT is a complete university with five faculties and two schools. The Malabe campus is beautifully designed on a 25-acre land with all facilities.
SLIIT’s modern infrastructure facilities, especially for the architecture program is on par with international standards. The SLIIT School of Architecture has a team of extremely dedicated senior architects who are industry experts, trained in teaching and design ensuring individual attention and support. Entry for the program requires a minimum three passes in A/Ls in one and the same sitting in any stream. Students also need to pass the SLIIT architecture aptitude test. The course fee is around 1.1 million in total for the entire 3-year BSc degree.
There is also flexibility to complete two years at SLIIT and transfer to UK in the 3rd year or receive direct admission to LJMU for the master’s degree after completing the degree at SLIIT. SLIIT also accepts students with awaiting A/L results. If you are confidant of passing all three subjects, SLIIT invites students to sit for the aptitude test and join the orientation program pending results.
There are only 60 seats available for architecture due to the requirement of providing individually assigned personal work spaces for each student at the studios.

More information can be obtained through webpage or by calling SLIIT.

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