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Health and Allied Sciences – Open University Welcomes New Students

The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) is ready to welcome a new group of students for its Faculty of Health Sciences!
We are the pioneer in distance learning education in Sri Lanka. If you have missed the opportunity to gain a degree after your A/Ls, then, we are here to give you another opportunity in keeping with its vision to enhance university-level learning to professionals and those who are keen to learn. We offer education to individuals regardless of geographic, economic or social circumstances. Since its inception in 1980, as one of the National Universities in Sri Lanka, the OUSL has opened its doors to many Sri Lankans keen on obtaining degree-level qualifications. With our experience in providing distance learning, you can read for a degree while working or you can pursue your higher education as a fulltime distance learner. It is a choice that will change your life.
As the premier Open and Distance Learning (ODL) institution in the island, with the same legal and academic status as any other National University in Sri Lanka, the OUSL offers a unique experience which not only gives you a sound understanding of subject knowledge but also instills other life skills as time management, self-organisation, confidence, independence and leadership which many employers have praised in our graduates.
Allied Health Science Degrees
We are one of the six Faculties at the OUSL and have reached a milestone in 2020 by completing five years since its inception as a faculty. We currently provide higher education to an excess of 4,000 students enrolled in the Honours degree programs offered by the Departments of Nursing, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Pharmacy, Basic Sciences and Psychology & Counselling. The BSc Nursing, Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences and Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours Degree Programs allow career advancement to those already in the healthcare sector. The BSc Honours Degree in Psychology which is the most recent degree to be offered by the Faculty, beckons learners interested in the field to join the prestigious ranks of a healthcare professional. All these Honours Degree Programs are conducted in the English medium.
Teaching and learning
The Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode of teaching and learning is based on self-study and independent learning where distance learners assume responsibility in initiating a self-directed learning experience. You will experience that regular lectures, a feature of face-to-face teaching at a conventional university, is minimal at the OUSL.
Instead, you will have the opportunity to plan your studies according to your schedules as students learn through carefully prepared study material together with other forms of support that facilitate the self-study mode of learning. You will have discussion classes, online forums, audio visual support material complemented with compulsory practical exposure through laboratory and work-based training.
In addition to subject specific knowledge, the OUSL is committed to helping learners of different ages and experiences to develop their competencies in independent learning, soft skills and English Language and computer skills through its Student Academic Readiness Training Program offered to all new students.
Nine Regional Centres
The OUSL consists of a central campus in Nawala, and we are also present in all nine provinces of the country. Our regional centres in Kandy, Matara, Jaffna, Anuradhapura, Badulla, Kurunegala, Batticaloa and Ratnapura offer study locations closest to you for selected learning activities. Though the OUSL is different in its teaching styles and the age groups of the student population, the degrees awarded are equal to those awarded by any other National University in Sri Lanka and are recognised internationally as well. Since 1980, the student body has increased from 3,000 to over 40,000, accounting to a large proportion of the total university enrolments in the country.
Affordability of fees
The cost of the OUSL degrees is reasonable in comparison to other study programs available in Sri Lanka, since part of the fees is subsidised by the Government as it is one of the 15 national universities coming under the purview of the UGC, Sri Lanka. Also, the flexible scheme of payment allows students to pay annually, in two instalments. The OUSL provides financial assistance through several scholarships and bursaries based on merit and need.
Succeed as a graduate nurse
The OUSL’s Bachelor of Science Honours in Nursing is the first Nursing Degree Program offered to the working professionals from a State University in Sri Lanka. This innovative program was launched in 1994 and has continued to enhance the knowledge, skills and favourable attitudes of nursing professionals enabling the provision of quality care in every aspect of nursing practice. Currently, a remarkable number of students are enrolled for the Nursing Degree Program and a large number of OUSL Nursing Graduates are rendering a great service to the health sector in Sri Lanka. In 2020 Convocation, a record number of 543 nurses would be graduating which will increase the total number of Nursing Graduates produced by the OUSL to 2142 over the years.
This Program is offered throughout the OUSL Regional Centre network providing an outstanding opportunity for nurses working in any part of the island to develop competency in nursing education, evidence-based nursing practice, leadership and management. The BSc Nursing Degree Program at the OUSL offers nurses a gateway to enter the global community of nursing and extend their experience and skills on par with nursing professionals in developed countries.
To be a pharmacist with
a Honours Degree
Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours Degree at the OUSL was launched with the continuing and expanding demand for higher education opportunities for pharmacists already employed in the health sector. The major objective of this program is to develop a graduate with knowledge, skills and attitudes to become a competent pharmacist who can effectively contribute to the needs and challenges in the pharmacy profession. Emphasis is also placed on developing critical thinking, communication skills, maintaining professional conduct, problem solving skills, ethical practice of the profession to suit the needs of the healthcare sector, academic and research fields.
Honours Degree while working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences Honours at OUSL offers opportunities for medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) to update their knowledge and skills in Medical Laboratory Sciences to suit the needs of the healthcare sector and for relevant academic and research fields. This program is, therefore, an excellent opportunity for MLTs who have diploma level qualifications to become graduates and update themselves while working in the government or private health sector. It is designed to create professionally competent individuals to engage in the fast-developing field of Medical Laboratory Sciences while recognising their role in the assurance of quality healthcare provision.
Turn your interest in Psychology to a degree level qualification
Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology Degree Program was launched for the first time in 2018 to widen opportunities for working professionals, adult learners as well as A/L school leavers to gain a degree with quality assured standards. A degree in Psychology provides the first step towards becoming a professional psychologist in Health, Counselling, Developmental, Educational, Occupational and Clinical branches or any other sub-fields of the discipline. The most attractive quality of a Psychology Degree is that it can be applied to a wide range of other professional areas, such as social work, education, business, human resource management, consumer, media, advertising or any other field which involves public engagement. Understanding the human mind, body and behaviour interaction is important in successfully navigating through the life’s myriad journey and that will be complemented by a first degree in Psychology while enhancing your career advancement and/or further education in the field.
This year, applications for the four Honours Degree programs will be accepted until November 11. Applications for the Nursing, Pharmacy and Medical Laboratory Sciences are open for those health care professionals already possessing prior qualifications awarded by the Ministry of Health in the relevant fields, while the Psychology Program is open to those having only A/Levels in any subject stream.
All four Honours Degree Programs consider previous academic qualifications and grant exemptions on evaluation for selected courses. Enrolment in all four study programs is competitive and applicants are selected through an entry test.

For more information, visit https://www.ou.ac.lk/faculty-of-health-sciences/or drop an e-mail to [email protected] or visit the Central Campus at Nawala or any of its Regional/Study Centres.

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