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Instill Savings Habit in Your Children with Pan Asia Bank – ‘Mithuru Max’ & ‘Daskam’ Children’s Savings Brings More Benefits

Gift your child a Mithuru MAX Children’s savings account with an array of exciting gifts, or a Daskam Children’s Savings Account and enjoy a 10% bonus deposit for every deposit you make for your child.
Pan Asia Bank is steadfastly committed to encourage Sri Lankans to save for a better future. And what better way to make it happen than start with our children? With an array of fantastic gifts with MITHURU MAX or a 10% bonus deposit for every deposit with ‘DASKAM, Pan Asia bank has not only differentiated Children’s Savings account from other children’s savings products, but have also begun to instill in their young minds the importance of saving.
“DASKAM” Children’s Savings Account aims to be a pillar of strength to a child when he/she enters adulthood and takes on life’s challenges such as higher education, marriage etc. The Account offers a unique “deposit for deposit” feature that enables its balance to grow in greater proportions. Under this feature, every deposit made by the customer to the account will be rewarded by the bank with an additional deposit worth 10% of the customer deposit.
In addition, for faster growth of the account balance, Pan Asia Bank then pays an unbeatable annual interest of 5.25% (AER 5.38%) on the total balance. The interest is calculated on a daily basis and credited to the account at the end of each month. For example, if a customer deposits Rs.100,000/- to a “DASKAM” Children’s Savings Account, the bank will make an additional deposit of Rs.10,000/- to that account immediately and begin to calculate interest at 5.25% (AER 5.38%) on the total balance of Rs.110,000/-.
The benefit of receiving an additional 10% deposit from the bank is valid for any number of deposits until the child turns 12 years of age.
At the core of “DASKAM” Children’s Savings Account is Pan Asia Bank’s ambition to provide a stable financial foundation for children when they turn 18, at which point they need to support for their higher education dreams etc.
Meanwhile you can also gift your child with a MITHURU MAX Savings account which can be opened with a minimum deposit of Rs. 500, and all children below 13 years of age are eligible to receive gifts based on their account balance in the following manner;

Rs. 1,000 Savings Till
Rs. 2,000 Pencil box
Rs. 5,000 Lunch box and
water bottle
Rs. 10,000 School bag
Rs. 25,000 Kids’ scooter or
Smart watch
Rs. 50,000 Remote controlled
helicopter or
Bluetooth speaker
Rs. 100,000 Wi-Fi Drone or
Rs. 250,000 Self-balancing
scooter or Tablet
Rs. 500,000 Sony Play Station
4 (PS4) or voucher
for a laptop

In addition to the exciting gifts, children will also benefit from high interest rates of up to 4.75% p.a. ( 4.85%) Furthermore, all existing Pan Asia Bank “Mithuru” accountholders also will be eligible to receive these exciting gifts going forward, as their account balances grow.
The gift for deposit slabs up to Rs 50,000/- can be directly collected from any Pan Asia Bank branch and there onwards, a voucher will be issued from the bank where the respective gift item can be collected from a partner outlet.
For further information on “DASKAM” Children’s Savings Account, visit your nearest Pan Asia Bank branch, call (011) 466 7222 or visit

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