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PATHE Academy Stands Tall in Health Science Education

PATHE Academy offers medical programs that will bring you many rewarding dividends.
PATHE Academy has been a leader and in the forefront of offering excellent value-added programs in medical science for the discerning students who have aspirations to make great strides for humanity.
Medical diplomas and degree are much sought after in the modern world, and wherever you are placed, you will be an asset, be in a hospital or a laboratory. You can also have a sense of being self-actualised as you will be helping scores of people to lead healthy lives.
For students who have a passion for Health Science and have not been able to pursue their dreams in an efficient manner, PATHE Academy has just the ‘right medicine’.
Students can enroll in to a Foundation Diploma in Health Science and thereafter progress in to the Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences. The small, intensive class-rooms will make you feel right at home and the teaching methods are both holistic and interactive.
Many students have enjoyed our classes and have had good student experiences, and will vouch for our program delivery and quality.
Students who have a penchant for healing and physiotherapy can engage in our Physiotherapy related programs that will create a pathway to further qualify in the dynamic world of Sports medicine, Physiotherapy per se, Spa, Gymnasium and Masseur Therapy.
As a qualified Physiotherapist, one day you will help people affected by illness, disability and injury, through your special learning of exercise, manual therapy and also give advice.
You can join the Advanced Diploma in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine which will give you an impetus later on to gain globally valuable qualifications in the future. Our trained staff will give you invaluable insights and information to become a catalyst in the medicine field.
Another area that is much sought after is Medical laboratory Technician, which gives you specific insights in to the latest medical techniques related to laboratory. Our goal is to educate clinical lab personnel of the future in the latest theory, leading to practice. Your learning and qualification in Medical Laboratory Testing will be invaluable to aid the experts in the medical profession, such as doctors and nurses and help save lives.

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