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Call for MBBS/MD Program Admissions in Belarus

Only Sri-Lankan Representative to operate a full time Foreign office in the Republic of Belarus to provide student services during entire study period
(LOWEST FEE from IMC Education)
Pursuing a MBBS/MD degree from Belarus is a remarkable option for many Sri-Lankan students as entrance to Medical University is based on results of Local AL (CCS) and London AL (CCD). “Grodno State Medical University – Republic of Belarus” to be enlisted as one of the world’s “Top 600 Science Universities” in the world (GWC Ranking).
Presently over 800+ Sri-Lankan students have chosen Belarus as a study destination where 400+ students are enrolled at Grodno State Medical University, Republic of Belarus. IMC Education successfully provided admission for the September 2020 Intake as well for the 1st of Batch – Sep 2020 intake adhering to Covid-19 Protocols.
Which university in Belarus can I
apply to?
• Grodno State Medical University – Republic of Belarus is an SLMC (Sri-Lanka Medical Council) accredited university ( there for if you are a student willing to work in Sri-Lanka after degree completion; your preferred university would be Grodno State Medical University – GrSMU.
Can I work overseas after studying in Grodno State Medical University?
• Grodno State Medical University (GRSMU) is fully recognised and approved by the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC), General Medical Council (GMC – UK), Australian Medical Council (AMC), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG – USA), Medical Council of India (MCI) and also enlisted in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) a medical school database managed by the World Health Organization (WHO).
How can I apply to Grodno State Medical University?
• As Grodno State Medical University if a “State / Government University” run by the Republic of Belarus – The university officials appoint , “Official Representatives / Authorised Direct Agents / Official Agents” for each country. This is because government universities require country agents to be fully responsible of International students.
• To represent Grodno State Medical University in Sri-Lankan and for Maldivian students and parents (Sri-Lankan Passport & Maldivian Passport) – GrSMU has appointed “IMC Education” as the “Official Representative/ Authorised Direct Agent/ Official Agent for Grodno State Medical University – Republic of Belarus”.
• IMC Education is the “Only Sri-Lankan representative to operate a Sri-Lankan office (Foreign office) with full time working staff in the Republic of Belarus. (Office Inside Grodno State Medical University).
• There are “Sub Agencies” operating in Sri-Lanka who promotes Medical Education Admissions to Belarus. These organisations “DO NOT HOLD DIRECT COMMUNICATION WITH THE UNIVERSITY OR UNIVERSITY ADMISSION”.
• Applications curated by these “Sub Agencies” are submitted to Agents of another destination who’s not responsible for “Sri-Lankan or Maldivian Passports”. Students can be involved with immigration & emigration issues or admission issues. Students, Parents & these Sub Agencies will not be able to involve on any Student related matters or admission procedures with the university officials. Sub Agencies will not have the authority to run an office in Belarus to provide onsite Belarus support for students as IMC Education is the only Sri-Lankan institution to have a foreign office in Belarus.
IMC education offers the lowest fee? How can I proceed?
• As the university is nearing to its final months of admission, IMC Education calls out for students to obtain the final set of seats of the university with the “MOST AFFORDABLE HANDLING FEE” compared to other operators in Sri-Lanka,
• Grodno State Medical University is a State university, hence your commitment per semester is only 2300 USD.
What services does IMC education provide in Sri Lanka?
• IMC is the only Sri Lankan organisation to have a fully functional representative office in the Republic of Belarus and particularly in the state of Grodno to offer post settlement services for Sri Lankan Students and look after their welfare needs for the entire study duration of 6-years.
• Lodging the application with the University and obtain the offer letter.
• Guiding students in obtaining SLMC clearance letters.
• Conducting a FREE comprehensive Pre-University Preparation (Pre Med) program which will equip the students with essential competencies to start the MD program in Belarus and to have a competitive edge over other students.
• IMC Facilitates students to select a medical university based on the country of destination, tuition fee, payment plans, future career plans, scholarship opportunities and specialisations available.
• Assisting students to takeACT16/ERPM training, USMLE exam training and AMC exam training through our global partners if the students are hoping to work respectively in Sri Lanka, USA and Australia on completion of the medical degree.
• Assist the students in obtaining educational loans from leading banks in Sri Lanka
What services does IMC education provide in Belarus?
• IMC is the only Sri Lankan organisation to have a fully functional representative office in the Republic of Belarus and particularly in the state of Grodno to give post settlement services for Sri Lankan Students and look after their welfare needs for the entire study duration of 6-years.
• Airport pick up by our representatives in Belarus.
• Arranging hostels for the students before their arrival
• Arranging Private Apartments for students if they do not wish to occupy hostels.
• If students occupy either hostel or apartments, IMC Belarus office overlooks student safety and security,
• Arranging Visas, accommodation and airport pickup for the parents when they visit the students who are studying in Belarus.
• Buy essential items for the students on arrival to settle down in Belarus
• Take the students to hospitals to precede the required medical tests and assist them in the registration process of the University on arrival.
• Assist the students to obtain medical facilities from the respective hospitals by accompanying them to the hospitals in case of them falling sick
• Coordinating with the university and IMC office in Colombo to assist the students to overcome any issues they face during the academic program. Eg : Subject failures.
• Assisting students in obtaining Internship in Belarus if they don’t wish to come back to Sri Lanka and choose to work abroad straight after the medical degree.
• Any other services required by the students within our scope of work.
How good is (MD) program at GRSMU and the pre-clinical and clinical facilities at GRSMU?
• The 6-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) program offered at the Grodno State Medical University is among best English medium programs offered in Republic of Belarus.
• (GRSMU), is also equipped with the State-of-the-Art Digital Anatomage System the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system for Anatomy education which is currently being adopted only by the world’s leading medical schools
• GRSMU is equipped with modern laboratory facilities including Robotic simulators, one of the largest library facilities in Belarus to provide a greater platform for the students during the pre-clinical stage.
• The university works with joint collaboration with Government Hospitals and Clinical centers of the city.
Visit IMC on September 12 for the medical university open day!
You can now attend the “Medical University Open Day” hosted by IMC Education on September 12 from 10.30 am at IMC Education Headquarters (154, Thimbirigasyaya Junction, Havelock Road, Colombo 5) to get your Medical University details. Call 077 442 1597 | 077 30 888 40 to arrange your booking adhering to Covid-19 safety protocols.

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