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MAS’ Launches ‘Harimamaga’ to Serve Student’s Future

Multidimensional Aspirations for Students Private Limited. This establishment was declared open in the Municipal limits of Negombo, the second largest commercial city in Sri Lanka.
Our head office is located in Negombo with easy access to all students around the Island, who wish to receive our transparent and personalized services to facilitate higher educational opportunities. Our supportive staff has always entailed in exercising their professional duties to the entire satisfaction of our clients whom we consider to be very important.
We always look to broaden our horizon, to serve every individual in the most suitable way possible, to help them reach their set goals with integrity. Our success is none other than the success of when our students excel and reach their targets. Also, we provide support to them throughout the course of their journey in any kind of service.
For the last 12 years we have been in contact with countries such as Japan, Poland, Cyprus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Luxemburg, Malta, Azerbaijan, Thailand, and Austria for student visas and also finally helping them to seek employment in the above- mentioned countries.
We have been conducting our business in a very fruitful manner with the above-mentioned countries and have developed mutually benefited relationships with many foreign Institutions to deliver the best to our students and to expand our services to different sectors.
I can guarantee that our students can count on us to receive a quality service in all aspects. Hence, I would like to invite genuine students to receive our unique and full-pledge, trustworthy service to make sure they do well in their future endeavors.
Win win win, the three wins are our ultimate goal in which each represents a single entity; you the STUDENTS, we MAS and OUR INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS whom we have complete faith will support us as we will do the same.

We operate in a subtle manner and we aim in aiding genuine students, to give them an easy and straight forward approach and a procession which we introduce the most suitable destinations than the most popular to give them an advantage in terms of expenses, accommodation and lifestyle.
Usually, most who deal in this industry try to offer the most popular destinations towards students. But they unfortunately forget what is most important, EDUCATION!
Students traveling abroad can sometimes lose their way and get sidetracked from the goals but we MAS are here to provide our students with the most suitable destinations rather than the most popular.
Over the years, MAS has built the necessary relationships with world class, well recognized universities in various countries. By that statement we have formed contacts so that our students will have help in obtaining the necessities like Accommodation, traveling and food, etc.
In the same way, we assure you that, this is legit as we ourselves have visited each university and we guarantee the safe environment and foreign exposure that our students deserve.
We provide benefits in all aspects but it is up to you if want to take up this great opportunity!
We are always here to help by providing up to date true information, understanding the reality of our student’s situation and the weight of traveling to foreign countries to reach their dreams. Don’t be fooled by fake agents or people who give you false hopes. We will take you to your right destination, showing you the right path in the right way at the right time.
“It all starts with a Dream! So, do not wait till the Opportunities come to you, take the first step and make them happen!”
Many students these days get caught up with false stories and expectations from companies or individuals who aim not for the welfare of our students but for their own personal gain.
In reality, the truth is that we only have few real possibilities but those possibilities are no doubt capable of serving the purpose of education and later on providing a better future for our students.
Anyone who wishes to receive honest and up to date information then please contact us, we have you covered!
Another one of our targets is to join hands with responsible and honest teams in Sri Lanka to minimize such misleading activities. So we, MAS have initiated our new project ‘HARIMAMAGA’ and have hopes this will help you all understand about where and what you want to do in your future!

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