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NIBM The Life Designer Lab to Mould the New Breed

In the ever-changing society of the 21st century, there is a high demand to equip students with meta-competences: higher order thinking skills such as conceptual, interpersonal and professional skills are mandatory, in addition to cognitive knowledge. Education, therefore, needs a transition from transferring knowledge to developing individual potentials, with the help of constructivist learning (Andrea Scheer, 2009). Design Thinking is an approach to learn that focuses on developing students’ creative confidence. In the approach of design thinking, lecturers and students have hands-on design challenges that focus on developing empathy, promoting a bias toward action, encouraging ideation, developing metacognitive awareness and fostering active problem solving.
The mandate of Universities or Higher Educational Institutes is to discover the personality of every student and to build a strong character with a sense of responsibility for their community. This implies developing skills of reflection, interpretation of different information and other complex meta competences. Science, business and social organizations alike describe a strong need for a set of skills and competences, often referred to as 21st century skills (e.g. Pink 2006, Wagner 2010, Gardner 2007) or key competences. With the complexity of everyday life increasing globalization, fast changing technological advances, product cycles getting shorter and economic competition tightening, innovative capacities comprised in the 21st century skills have become crucial for individuals to survive in an ever-changing society (Dikmans 2011).
It is in this backdrop, teaching and learning strategies of NIBM have been changed to suit the 21st century skills. NIBM has been evolving over the last 52 years and the major emphasis at present is to make use of design thinking to create ‘THE NEW BREED’ of graduates and professionals. Our focus is to create the breeding ground to nurture the new breed of universal thinkers to rejuvenate all mankind along with mothernature. NIBM constantly attempts to advance the human intellect and technology with the aim of building a sustainable ecosystem to improve the quality of our learners.
The Life Designer Lab
NIBM as a life designer is constantly evolving with a set of modern teaching toolkits to produce forward-thinking creative doers. Life design is all about literation – it’s the practice of communicating your thoughts in some medium, reflecting on them, and revising them to create a better life design for the learner. TDF (Thinking, Doing and Finishing) model together with the design thinking is the life designer model for moulding ‘THE NEW BREED’ of NIBM.
Learning is a process of understanding, which leads to modifications in the behavior of the learner. According to the constructivist theory, this is achieved through experience (Hasselhorn and Gold 2006). The teacher as a facilitator of learning should consequently be able to design learning experiences. Thinking like a designer involves different kinds of abilities and competences in different fields of knowledge – conceiving, planning and making products.
Thoughts of individuals are the medium and the life is the project, and the quality of the individual’s work is determined by examining how much they can empathize or feel for the people around them. The way you choose to practice life design is the way you choose to direct your thoughts. Design thinking process helps learners to create innovative solutions for their problems as the process itself drives learners to feel, define the problem and to create new solutions.

Breeding Grounds for Moulding ‘THE NEW BREED’
NIBM has always been promoting life-long learning and it has designed modern facilities to support its learners to build their future. It is our new designs that would build up the character and the confidence. NIBM has designed learning facilities to skilling, up-skilling and re-skilling all its learners. School leavers are in the process of skilling, while up-skilling is meant for professionals who need to acquire new and the best practices in industries. Today, not only is reskilling necessary in our fast-changing world, but it is also crucial to meet the demands of new jobs that we’ll have to take up, as a result of old jobs being replaced. Up-skilling and re-skilling are acquired through globally recognized professional certifications for which NIBM has gained accreditation. Some of the new designs and facilities that support the re-skilling process are given below.

• School of Design (SOD)
• Data Science and AI Research Centre (DAIC)
• Centre for Human Sciences (CHS)
• Centre for Certified Business Managers (CCBM)
• Computer Science Professional Certification Lab (PCL)
• Productivity and Quality Certification (PQC)
THE NEW BREED of NIBM defines its quality by the professionalism and the demand. Global industry needs globally certified professionals who are fully equipped with updated new knowledge and the best practices to make a change in their business entities. THE NEW BREED is expected to unlearn to relearn, so that the change is made. Some of the NEW BREED that NIBM life designer model has produced are; Ethical Hackers, Design Thinkers,Certified Business Managers, Computer Scientists, Software designers, Data Scientists, Psychologists, Financial Analysts, Psychometricians, Demand Generators, Human Champions, Creative Writers, UI &UX Designers, Learning Scientists, Econometricians etc. All these are multi-skilled positions in industries which are tagged with globally accepted salaries and perks with a flyer-marked reputation.
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