Saturday, May 15, 2021
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NSBM’s Faculty of Computing sets up Student Operated ‘e-shop’

The center shall be manned and operated by students of Association of Computer Science of the faculty in partnership with leading tech supply giants, such as Daraz and Singer. Student start-ups, such as Thingerbit, which is run by a product of NSBM reading for his third year of study at the university, has also been afforded the opportunity to thrive within this sphere, encouraging young techno-preneurs to seamlessly move into the world of business.
The main objective of this venture is to provide undergraduates at NSBM Green University Town every aspect of their technological needs.e-Shop shall be the go-to-spot for all tech solutions providing world-renowned brands in laptops, desktops, workstations, mobile phones, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, all inclusive of company warranty, including software and hardware assistance. It provides the facility to configure your own dream PC with the necessary tech expertise at a competitive price. Skilled services, such as graphic design, gaming platforms, workstations, etc. will be provided on special discount rates to the undergraduates of NSBM. A Point of Sales (POS) system developed and designed by the students has also been established within the center.
This initiative will certainly encourage student entrepreneurship, as it provides an ideal platform to promote their own products and services to potential customers, whilst expanding their practical exposure to real life business processes.

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