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Canada No.1 in the World for Work, Study and PR , ANC Boasts 98% Canada Visa Success! Visit US and Canada University Fair 2020

Canada is the No.1 destination if you are looking to do your higher studies and get Permanent Residency (PR) after graduation. It comes as no surprise that when it comes to STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), the welcoming nature of the Canadian people, its multicultural diversity and immense career and job opportunities, Canada is in the TOP 10 most popular places in the world. Canada surpasses Australia and New Zealand in these categories and is ranked the 3rdBest Education System in the World (U.S News &World Report 2019) and the No.1 country in the world in 2019 for Quality of Life for the fourth year in a row.
ANC Education is known to be the only institute that can boast the highest record of Canada Visas successfully granted for Direct Placement and Transfer students and is the only place that can make your Canada university transfer a smooth and successful one. ANC offers a range of pathways for students to transfer from diploma level to undergraduate studies to master’s level programs. We are the only institute in the country that is experienced enough in each of these areas and has excellent relationships with universities in Canada and also the know-how to cater to every student’s needs. ANC has achieved a 98% visa success rate to Canada, and below are the ANC-Canada facts:
2+2 &1+3 Canada University Transfer program • Over 100 Students Transferred
Diploma level & post-secondary level transfer programs • Over 30 Articulations
Transfer Track record to Canada’s Top 10 Universities • 98% Visa Success Rate
Direct Placements for Diploma, Certificates, Degrees and Masters
ANC Education has always been at the forefront of excellence when it comes to higher studies and ANC’s partnerships with Canadian Universities lets you combine some of the best possible majors on offer with the best pathways forcareer progression whether it’s internationally, or right inside Canada.
More students after O/Levels & A/Levels are opting to pursue their studies in Canada. As an eager student or interested parent, we know you want to learn more about why Canada happens to be appealing to the graduates of today, and here are some of the reasons:
Affordability: Canada University tuition fees are the most affordable in the world compared with U.S, U.K and Australia. Tuition fees start from as low as CAD$11,460 per annumand off-campus accommodation between CAD$500-1500 and food costing around CAD$150-190 per month.
World Class Universities: Canadian universities are consistently ranked among the top universities internationally and University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, York University, University of British Columbia are some of the top universities ANC students have successfully transferred to from ANC.
A wealth of degree options: Canada’s universities offer more than 15,000 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a broad range of disciplines, such as Business and Economics, Health Sciences, Computer Science and Engineering, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Engineering Technology and Liberal Arts.
PR and Work Permit:Canada is a good choice for immigration as the country offers immense job scope for work opportunities and career progression owing to Canada’s low population density. After graduation work up to 3 years and you can also be able to apply for Permanent Residency (PR).
Highest Quality of life Canada is ranked #1 for best quality of life in the world for 4 consecutive years.Their standard of living isamong the highest in the world.
Cultural diversity: Canada ranks among the most multicultural nations in the world. Regardless of ethnic origin, international students feel at home in the diverse and welcoming communities and campuses.
ANC Canada University Transfer programs provides pathways for students after O/Levels and A/levels to enter the first year (freshmen year) of their degree program at a young age of 16 years and graduate by age 20 or 21. There are exemptions given to those who have passed A Levels and students save a significant amount of money by completing the first two years at ANC.
Canada with its affordable study options, simpler application processes and more opportunities to work on and off campus, permanent residency options while offering security and stability to put even the most anxious mind at rest makes Canada the world No.1 study destination.
Visit the U.S and Canada University fair to find out about studying overseas, the academic courses, the best places for you to study and how best to utilise your qualifications and experience to gain an edge in the global job market to ensure the best possible future for yourself. Students who have finished their O/Levels & A/levels along with their parents, as well as postgraduates and professionals looking to further their qualifications are all welcome and there are Scholarships offers up to $ 14,000 USD.
Register Today for the US and Canada University Fair, CALL LAKMALI on 076-998-9635 or visit and follow us on Facebook:, Instagram “ANC_Education” and twitter @ANC_Edu.

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