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Framjee Hathy – the Pride of UCL and Monash University

We had the pleasure of speaking to Framjee Hathy, the best business graduate of Monash University class of 2019. Framjee, who studied at Universal College Lanka before migrating to Malaysia to continue his studies with Monash University, shows us how much you can achieve if you have the mindset for it. Framjee was happy to share his story with us as a source of inspiration to those who decide to pursue an education at foreign universities, and particularly at UCL and Monash University.

  1. Tell me a little about yourself.
    I am currently an Honours student at Monash Malaysia. I consider myself to be an optimistic person as I always try to look at the bright side of anything.
    I also consider myself to be quite dedicated and hardworking as I always make sure I set out to meet my pre-assigned goals. As for hobbies, I love to debate and play basketball, although I’m not very good at the latter!
  2. What were your dreams of the future when you were schooling?
    As a kid, I wanted to do so many different jobs. At first, I wanted to be a rocket scientist, then a doctor. However, as I neared completing high school, I narrowed my dream job down to becoming an economist. I also always wanted to travel to other countries and explore new cultures and food. Especially food.
  3. How did you end up studying at Monash University?
    I wanted to attend a high ranked university for I knew it would equip me…

…with the best tools to achieve my goals and gain employment. I also wanted to choose an affordable option as I had a goal of doing further studies beyond just the degree. Ultimately, Monash University met both these criteria, as it’s a world top 100 ranked university and its Malaysia campus was quite affordable to me.
The fact that we could start out in Sri Lanka itself through UCL was an added bonus. UCL was able to ease us into the Monash education structure and prepare us for life at Monash Malaysia. Monash also had the added benefit of being in Asia, which meant that the social transition into accommodating new cultures and traditions would not be too hard. It also meant the weather would not be too different from Sri Lanka!

  1. You’ve showcased exceptional talent in your chosen field. How do you feel?
    I feel really blessed and content. It’s really nice to see the hard work and dedication you put into your craft, finally paying off. There were many sleepless nights and stressful weeks that were all fully worth it upon achieving my degree and my award. I also feel blessed because it’s really rare to stand out in Monash where so many of your fellow students are high achievers themselves. It really does make your own achievements seem that much more special.
  2. How did Monash and UCL help you in your journey?
    Coming out of high school, I had no idea how different a university student was from a high school student. University students have so many more tasks to handle. There were also drastic differences in the way subjects were taught and how we were examined on this. Finally, of course, the lecturers themselves are totally different from high school teachers. UCL really helped me understand all of this and provided me with a solid foundation to continue my degree.
    The fact that some of the lecturers were Monash alumni further added to my understanding of Monash’s culture, work ethic and the standards to which Monash students are held.
    Therefore, I was well equipped to handle the challenges of student life at Monash thanks to UCL.
    At Monash, I met many dedicated lecturers who genuinely enjoyed the subject matter that they taught and were willing to explain and re-explain any doubts I had. Additionally, the assignments and tasks assigned to us really helped us to understand and apply what we were learning.
    There were so many clubs and societies that we were encouraged to join at Monash and these really helped me feel like a part of the university. These really do help to take your mind off the continuous study.
    These extracurricular also helped me improve my skills and lead to valuable friendships that really enriched my student life.
  3. What were your biggest challenges?
    One of the biggest challenges at university was juggling the various responsibilities of a university student whilst meeting deadlines. At this stage in my life, I was almost wholly independent. This meant no one came after me to make sure I’ve done my assignments and tasks on time, which is something we’ve grown accustomed to in Sri Lankan education. Additionally, there are many tasks that I was given by the clubs that I joined such as the Model United Nations club. Balancing time between this and lectures is a skill that takes a while for one to learn.
    Luckily, I was able to set proper deadlines for my assignments and made sure that I stuck to them.
    Procrastinating is the number one enemy of a university student, although we all love to do it! Additionally, a lot of the people at Monash, be it the lecturers or the students, encourage you to come to grips with this new lifestyle. I always received support from the staff and my friends at university to help overcome many of the hurdles. They also helped reduce a lot of the stress I faced in meeting deadlines.
  4. What are your plans for the future?
    I am currently enrolled in the Honours program for the Bachelor of Business and Commerce at Monash Malaysia. Upon completing this I plan to further my higher studies along the research pathway.
    I also plan to gather a lot of work experience through internships as that’s an invaluable skill set in today’s saturated job market.
  5. Will you recommend UCL – Monash University to anyone else, and why?
    I would definitely recommend UCL for anyone attempting to pursue higher studies at Monash University as it definitely helps to prepare them for life at Monash.
    The lecturers are great and have a wealth of knowledge about Monash itself. It also helps to build a network of friends before going abroad as it eases the transition. I think UCL- Monash University is a great fit for anyone wishing to study at a high ranked university whilst also attending an affordable setting.
    Additionally, the enthusiastic staff and wide array of activities helps create an amazing and enriched student life.
    Registrations are open for the February 2020 intake. If you are looking at commencing your journey to greatness with a TOP 60 University in the World, call us today on 0774 777 000or visit our state- of- the- art campus at No: 503, Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha, Sri Jayewardenepura to find out more information. Follow us on Instagram (UCL_SriLanka) and Facebook (Monash at UCL) and check out our YouTube Channel (UCL Sri Lanka) for more updates on all activities and events.

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