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Reining in Australia Day at Leading Immigration firm, Australia Gateway

Australia Day is the official national day of Australia that is celebrated every year on January 26. With the second-highest human development index globally, Australia ranks highly in many international comparisons, especially that of education.
A world class healthcare system made accessible to all, wealth creation, and the chance for anyone to attain financial and educational success have made it the world’s most popular destination for international students. Modern-day celebrations of the holiday are a reflection of the diverse society and landscape of Australia and are traditionally celebrated by residents, community and family who congregate to reflect on Australian history, and host official community awards and citizenship ceremonies to welcome new additions to Australia’s community.
Sri Lankan Australians who form the 12th largest ethnic group in Australia too partake in the festivities which include community festivals, concerts and citizenship ceremonies and is celebrated in large and small communities and cities around Australia.
There are over 150,000 Sri Lankans in Australia who chose to migrate due to the country’s stellar healthcare system, wealth creation and ample opportunities for success in both business and education. For this reason, it has become the second home to many students for setting the gold standard in higher education as well as for the range of opportunities students are availed to there, on completion of their degrees.
There remains a dearth of knowledge on the abundant migration and employment opportunities for Sri Lankan migrants. University degrees are equivalent to an Australian degree. The recently introduced 491 visa subclass has also further opened doors for Sri Lankan workers and their families, as well as students who can now come into designated regions of Australia on a wider occupation list, with many migration opportunities.
Australia Gateway in Colombo the Sri Lankan arm of Melbourne-based Fairfields Lawyers founded in 1999 by acclaimed international lawyer, Don Susantha Katugampala, is focused on helping thousands of individuals, family and students realise their dreams of pursuing a better life in Australia as well as on promoting bilateral investment, trade and immigration opportunities in the continent. Fairfields Lawyers being active in Australia promoting investments trade with Sri Lanka, it helped the bilateral relations between the two countries over the years. Comprehensive guidance, accurate legal advice and assistance in obtaining visas for business, and personal purposes, including but not limited to migration and foreign study, are just the tip of the iceberg in the portfolio of services Australian Gateway and Fairfields Lawyers avails its discerning clientele.
Those seeking Skilled Visas in the Independent, Regional and State sponsored categories will be guided towards positive skill assessments, state nominations and visa grants and will also be made aware of the diverse occupations in demand.
Those looking to migrate for long-term business purposes will receive competent and accurate advice and consultancy to help them achieve consideration for permanent residency, while families desiring to relocate to Australia will get full-spectrum support from visa assistance, to successful practices that will give them a solid foundation to commence life in Australia, while also being made aware of the positives the country will afford them, including the provision of world class primary, secondary and tertiary education, political stability and access to free renowned medical services.

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