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Ubiquity University Launches Foundation in Soft Skills Programs ;In Partnership with Education Ministry Colombo C Zone

Ubiquity University and The Ministry of Education (Colombo C Zone) have launched the first program in a strategic partnership to promote the development of essential soft skills in Sri Lanka. This pilot course, conducted over eight weeks, is titled “Foundation in Soft Skills” and focuses on an elite cadre of principals and teachers, selected by the Ministry, in order to introduce them to essential soft skills. Once trained, these educators will work with Ubiquity to co-create and rollout a comprehensive program in soft skills development for students around the country.
The course focuses on critical competencies in leadership, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, emotional intelligence, cross boundary team building, resilience and global thinking, thereby giving teachers and students the complete package of skills they need to succeed in the competitive, ever-changing job market of the day. These transferable skills will be essential to all students regardless of career or location. In the long term, Ubiquity University hopes to roll out this program nationally for schools over a three year period.
Soft competencies are now globally recognised as the leading indicators for successful professional performance and career advancement, and are in high demand by leading companies, such as Google, IBM, Facebook and more. It is a national priority to ensure that Sri Lankan students are adequately prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century.
Jim Garrison, founder and CEO of Ubiquity University, states, “Every study over the past ten years and around the world finds conclusively that soft skills are essential skills. Soft skills are essential in getting hired, getting promoted, achieving excellence on the job and leading a meaningful life. Teaching soft skills to teachers and students across Sri Lanka will give Sri Lanka a competitive edge in the Asian educational and job markets.”
The Zonal Director of Colombo C Zone states, “I would like to extend my congratulations to the Ubiquity University team for combining educational subjects with soft skills and sustainable development which will no doubt open the horizon for the next generation to save the planet and better themselves and their communities.”
Sister Deepa Fernando, Principal of Holy Family Convent Colombo, also observed that, “These types of soft skills will help our students and our teachers build better relationships in school and in society, and I feel that priority should be given for the development of such skills throughout our curriculum.”
To learn more about Ubiquity University’s global programs please visit www.ubiquityuniversity.org.


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