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AAT Launched New Curriculum 2020

The Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka (AAT Sri Lanka) launched its new curriculum in keeping with global changes for the next five years. The launching ceremony was held at AAT centre and Prof. Mohan De Silva, Chairman of University Grants Commission was the Chief Guest. It is a necessity to embrace the modernising global environment, and as an experienced and pioneer professional education institute in Sri Lanka, AAT Sri Lanka was able to do the necessary transformations to amplify the recognition and the validity of AAT professional qualification.
AAT Sri Lanka is entering to a new era which focuses on the professionalism of middle level accountants by enhancing the employability and the marketability of the qualification. The new curriculum, “The Employment Fast Tracked”, will empower the industrial and technological adherence of middle level accounting technicians in Sri Lanka.
AAT Sri Lanka is mainly targeting the ability and the competence of being professional in the finance industry with the advance of the technology. Nowadays, people should focus on digital skills as there is a vast demand for the accounting technicians who are equipped with academic knowledge as well as with a digital approach.
The new curriculum comprises with same three levels and the talent capstone will equips with only one subject, Business Communication. Information Systems in Digital Environment subject at level 2 will facilitate to know about new trends in technology, such as E-commerce, Block chain, AI etc.
The curriculum 2020 will produce with expected KSAM of a qualified member to meet the challenges of the dynamic working environment. In this competitive world, most organisations are looking for technological changes, such as robotics and artificial intelligence. Hence accounting technicians should be able to work in a digital environment as per the global requirement. The curriculum 2020 has been designed and developed after going through a systematic process of gathering information globally to produce AAT qualified members with required knowledge, skills and appropriate mindset.
AAT Sri Lanka designed this curriculum considering the learning outcome of International Education Standards (IECs) as prescribed by IFAC. Once the students become Diploma holders in Accounting and Business (Passed Finalists) through this curriculum, they have to have experience in computerised accounting environment to become a member. The gradual progression towards the furthest destination of the AAT qualification is not a mere labelling of students who pass exam papers, but modifying them into competent individuals in the profession.
AAT Sri Lanka believes that the new curriculum will generate valuable impacts on all stakeholders and provide opportunities for both private and public sector employers to benefit from competent middle level accountants in the future.

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