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NSBM Green University Joins Hands With Community to Celebrates Three Years of Excellence

Marking the 3rd Year anniversary of the operations at the NSBM Green University on October 26, the university was immersed in a week of spiritual gratefulness and a fervent sense of ‘giving back’ to the society at large, under the visionary leadership of the Founder and Vice Chancellor, Prof. E.A. Weerasinghe.
The celebrations commenced at the break of dawn, shrouding the university in prayers of appreciation, conducted via religious leaders from all major ethnicities in the country. This somber yet spiritually invigorating morning led to various charitable proceedings. As an educational institute, NSBM is a staunch believer of imparting more than knowledge to its students. The strong sense of community service and lending a hand to those in need, is a principle that the management and staff at the university upholds and seeks to transfer such principles onto its students as a core value.
In lieu of this, the university celebrates its anniversary and success by multiple donations to deserving charities. About 2,000 plants along with two water pumps, were donated toWilpaththu residents, which shall help reforest 20 acres of the national reserve.
For a mammoth university, such as NSBM, location is certainly key. The picturesque and hospitable surrounding of Pitipana has served the university and its members well. Thus, the key contributions and charities were centered within its home ground. With the support of the urban council, all educational texts, exercise books and sporting equipment required for 2020 by every single student at four selected schools in the university’s neighborhood in Pitipana, was bestowed, nutritious necessities were supplied to 25 expectant mothers living within the vicinity. Furthermore, dry rations to 200 families living in Pitipana were gifted as well.
Dedicating the entire university premises for various benevolent acts, it also encompassed free medical services for the public, including a general health camp, a dental clinic, an eye clinic as well as an eye donation center, where those who choose to donate their eyes posthumously, could register. A blood donation campaign as well as a tree-plantation ceremony to commemorate the toil of three years of awe, took place.
The celebrations culminated with an all-night Pirith Chanting ceremony, with the participation of students, their families and staff. This was followed by an alms giving, the next morning.

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