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LNBTI Mobile App Challenge ;Great Opportunity for Innovative Thinkers

Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute, the pioneer in affordable Japanese IT education, has introduced an inter-school mobile app development challenge. This competition has allowed young students between the age group of 15-21 to feature their creative skills and technical knowledge to the country, and win gifts and scholarships. Throughout this journey, the app challenge looked for original, useful, unique, realistic, and creative new applications that will benefit society.
The LNBTI has assisted the students to develop their concepts into practical business models and also has provided technical assistance on request.
Through hSenid and Metatechno Japan – partner organisations of LNBTI, the institute has supported the students to market the application and turn their ideas into a reality. The app challenge has been complemented by seminars and webinars on the subject of developing mobile applications. Benefits have been offered to the winners by LNBTI as part of this challenge, including scholarships for higher education in the ICT field, donations to the winning school, assistance in the commercialisation of the app and prizes up to Rs 50,000.
This initiative was a CSR project of LNBTI, which is committed to the development of the skills of all Sri Lankan youth.
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