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RMIT Foundation Program at ICBT Campus ; Get a Transfer to Australia in Nine Months After Your O/L’s

Pursuing higher education is a goal in any student’s life. While many travel abroad, some prefer to be in their home country for their degree. In Sri Lanka, there are many private higher education institutes that promise the best education for students. Out of them, ICBT Campus has been around as a potential higher education institute, providing state-of-the-art facilities for students and sharing the expertise from their highly qualified network of academics. Identifying the quality of education, they provide for students, RMIT University, Melbourne, has come aboard to maximise this experience. On a more personalised note, students can now opt to pursue a foundation course just after their O/Ls and thereafter follow the degree path.
Recognised high-quality
Foundation Studies has been developed and accredited by RMIT as an alternative to completing Australian Year 12 studies or international equivalent. The course is delivered by RMIT Training, a company wholly owned by RMIT at Melbourne city campus.
RMIT Training is a part of the RMIT University, and the University is over 120 years old. It has around 85,000 students out of which 45,000 of them are undergraduates, 12,000 are postgraduates and 26,000 vocational training students. The beauty of the university is that it has vocational training and higher education in one organisation. It’s in the heart of Melbourne and having campuses across Vietnam and Barcelona.
RMIT Foundation course is more focused on higher education. O/Ls is general education but a foundation is focused on preparing students to build all skills and knowledge that they need to pursue higher education in which ever stream they prefer. Once they are enrolled in foundation studies, they have a conditional offer to go directly to higher education provided that they achieve the results they need in the foundation course. It’s a more direct and specific path and prepares them on a personal level.
Guaranteed pathways
Foundation Studies is a direct pathway to degree programs at RMIT University. It is important that you enroll in the correct Foundation course in order to progress to a degree program.
RMIT Foundation Studies has been designed to prepare students after O/Ls for success at university. This program is your direct pathway to degree at RMIT University.
Next intake for RMIT Foundation studies is scheduled for September 2019 at ICBT Campus.

Visit ICBT Campus or call 011 4777888 for more information.

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