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Women at the Top ;Women’s forum by ANC School of Postgraduate Education

Empowerment, inspiration and power was the highlight of the “Women at the Top” forum organised by ANC School of Postgraduate Education that was held on July 4 at Hilton Colombo Residence. This thought provoking discussion featured three of Sri Lanka’s distinguished female corporate leaders to inspire and empower the next generation of female entrepreneurs. They were Dr. Rajini Sulochana Segera, founder or Chairperson of Women In Management, Roshanie Jayasundera Moraes, Executive Vice President of John Keells and Mahesha Amarasuriya, Deputy General Manager of Cards and Electronic Payment at Cargills Bank Ltd and moderated by the well-known radio personality Blessie Keegal, who directed insightful questions to the influential panel of speakers.
How has the role of women changed over time? Dr. Rajini Segera says, ‘Although there were women in corporate before, they were not in leadership. But today, their role has changed from dependent to women becoming the bread winner to leading corporates and even leading economies”.
The concept of work-life balance is an issue that mostly women face but how can that be alleviated for the modern women? “As the role of women is changing, the issue of work-life balance should technically be a problem for everyone, however since it is faced more often by women, the role of technology can play an important part in terms of offering flexible working hours, opportunity to work from home, providing safe child care through remote monitoring and having access to nutritional food with online services are some ways to help women balance work and life, says Ms. Mehesha Amarasuriya.”
When asked to share the greatest hurdles during their illustrious careers Ms. Roshanie Moraes said, “convincing myself, that I can do it by myself, was my greatest hurdle. I had to convince myself first, that I can do anything that I set my mind to, it was a challenge”.
The attitude towards higher education has evolved over time. Does higher education get women further in their careers or is good experience and knowing the right people good enough? Ms. Mahesha Amarasuriya shared her sentiment on this, “higher education is essential for several reasons, it essentially builds self-confidence, and especially as women, we are seeking out to be equal in society, seeking recognition and seeking to be accepted and having the necessary education and skillsets will be the basic foundation for women”.
In line with this, Ms. Erandi Dodamwala, Head of Postgraduate Education shared the purpose of this forum and her message to the young ladies in the audience. ANC Education has taken a bold step to recently launch the new Executive MBA program in partnership with the University of West London (UWL), a top 50 UK University, ranked No.1Modern university in London (The Guardian), “We looked at many renowned Executive MBA programs around the world, and we developed this, keeping a very special group of individuals in mind. The UWL Executive MBA was designed for the –Ambitious You- the wife, mother and career women who is aspiring to progress in your careers despite multiple commitments”.
Reiterating about grooming women with the right skillsets, Ms. Erandi Dodamwala says, “management skills for executives is something that we all have to groom when we go up in the corporate ladder, and the EMBA program teaches these skills and helps sharpen them. As working women, we need these skillsets to manage and survive in the corporate world”. The Executive MBA tailor-made to match your busy schedule with a unique 5 weekends of teaching, 5 modules of blended learning, and faculty with many years of industry experience, latest technology in class and via chat forums offers the greatest flexibility to study the Executive MBA at your own pace.
Some highlights shared by the audience after the forum:
“It was a really great forum, it gave women an idea of what goes on in the corporate world and how to cope with certain situations, the women on the panel were amazing, they were interesting to listen to and their stories, we really felt connected with them, it was a great session that ANC organised and understanding the many difficulties that women have to face in the corporate world and how to overcome them.”
What lesson did you take from today’s forum? “Today’s session was very inspirational and what I learnt was how to manage your corporate office. It was inspirational to hear how the female corporate leaders of the panel managed home, managed work, and how they shifted jobs and adapted to the new jobs and how they empowered the ground level and the sacrifices they have made in their homes. It was an absolutely inspirational and empowering session”.
As a young career woman, what did you take from this session?“since I took a career break to start my family, my aim was to represent all the mothers, there are so many of them who want to study and get back to the work force, this forum was really enlightening and everything I didn’t think of was spoken about, it was simply brilliant and I’m glad I came”.
What was your take on today’s forum? “it is important to have forums like this where women get-to-gather, embrace each other and address each other’s problems. A lot of doubts I had in my mind were cleared today with all these experienced career women and these programs should continue to happen in Sri Lanka”
The audience got the chance to direct their questions which were real and practical questions to the panellists during the Q&A session followed by a networking evening that made it a wonderfully interactive and engaging forum that truly inspired and empowered the ladies with many new learnings.
ANC School of Postgraduate Education in partnership with HNB and NDB offers flexible and custom payment plans to help aspiring career women further their goals with the Executive MBA program.
Call 076-847-7995 for more information on our September 2019 intake at ANC School of Postgraduate Education.No. 308, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 3 * ANC 322, Peradeniya Road, Kandy

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