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MSI Colombo, The Student’s Choice After O/L’s ; A Recognised and Affordable Higher Education

The Management and Science Institute Colombo (MSI) would like to congratulate all the students who successfully completed their O/L examinations, and recognise their hard work and dedication taken to conquer one of thegreatest hurdles in their life.

The doorway to your future starts now, determining your higher education pathway and choosing a suitable degree program in a constantly changing global environment is overwhelming, therefore you must select a program that not only matches your interest but also has a demand in the job market.
With thousands of degree programs available and a multitude of specialisations to choose from, it is more crucial than ever to align yourself with a responsible institution that will prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow. During the past few years, MSI has emerged as the higher education institute of choice in Sri Lanka with an array of degree programs to choose from that are affordable and offered in collaboration with World Renown Universities. These include Diploma and Degree programs in Business, IT, Biomedical and Health Sciences and Hospitality.
All the MSI programs are administrated and accredited by the Management & Science University (MSU) Malaysia which is 541st in QS World Rankings. MSU is also recognised by many other leading universities worldwide, including those in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Japan.
At MSI, the key focus is to develop knowledge and skills of students while preparing them to obtain employment opportunities through their higher studies.
Why you should choose MSI
⦁ Full-Time and part time programs
⦁ The MSI Diploma is locally and globally recognised
⦁ Affordable Tuition Fees and Easy Payment Options without extra cost and bank loans
⦁ A distinguish faculty with anexperienced lecturepanel
⦁ The curriculums for the courses are developed taking into consideration the current needs of the industries.
⦁ Students will be exposed to leading local and Malaysian industries through local and International field visits.
⦁ Students can transfer at any point to partner universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Japan
MSI also offers students a Scholarship program which aims to recognise and reward deserving students enabling them to secure a spot in the MSI scholarship program to receive the highest scholarship offers that enables them to pursue their higher education dreams and become an internationally qualified graduate from a World Class University.
Testimonies from past students about their journey to success with MSI
“My journe y at MSU began in 2014 towards becoming a biomedical science student. It has been a long and challenging field of study, and I was able to successfully complete my degree with immerse support and motivation; MSU drove me to reach my highest potential.
The areas covered in my field of study did not only help me in academic studies but also enriched me in developing my confidence and prepared for me a great platform to succeed towards my targeted goal. I had the best academic and industrial exposure and was fortunate to be under knowledgeable and talented doctors and senior lecturers who guided us throughout our journey. Today as a successful graduate of Biomedical Science, I am stepping forward in my life to start my Mastersat the University of Sydney, Australia.”-SuramyaRajendran
“For me, life at the Management & Science University has been breath-taking and fun. The environment not only helped me in gaining knowledge but also in developing my overall personality and confidence. MSU has achieved excellence in conveying high quality education with a prime focus on Science, Business, Computing and Hospitality & Tourism and thereby shaping up competitive abilities in students which has helped me immensely. I loved the fact that the education system at MSU is tailored to guide you to a profession faster. My sincere thank you to all the faculty members, mentors and everyone in the MSU family for their support and commitment. They have played a very crucial role shaping me & proved me right, in selecting MSU over other colleges. Now I proudly hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management and I am currently employed in a 5 star airline.”

  • Tuan Ruzny

Did their stories inspire you?
For further information about the MSI programs, contact us on 0112576644, 0112576700, Hot Line 0770777880, email – [email protected] or by visiting MSI Colombo at, No 300 Galle Road, Colombo 3.

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