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UCL Degree in Software Engineering Guarantees Industry Placements in top Organisations

Universal College Lanka (UCL) is recognised in the industry for establishing exclusive partnerships with top ranked universities. The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) ranked among the top 3.3% of world universities by the Centre for World University Ranking is among the Best 100 UK Universities that have stood the test of time for 191 years since its formation in 1828. UCLan is the earliest established British University to offer Sri Lankan students a BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering degree that is ranked high on employability due to its career focused curriculum and application.
Over four years, software development skills are inculcated in a practical hands-on way, covering a range of learnings from mobile technology, enterprise applications, design, implementation, testing, artificial intelligence, database management, computer security, networking and programming languages.
The Third year “industry placement” is a key differentiator of the degree, where UCL with their strong connections with the leading blue-chip and multinational conglomerates in the country, offer unmatched internship, work placement and work integrated learning opportunities for one year, in one of the Top 25 organisations in Sri Lanka.
According to Mr. Thepul Ginige, Program Coordinator of UIFY and Senior Lecturer at UCL, the enhanced employment prospects and the ability to compete successfully in a turbulent recruitment marketplace, is perhaps the biggest advantage their students have gained through their internship programs.
Mr. Ginige said, “there is evidence to suggest that our industry placements are extremely valuable to students, in terms of their employability skills and personal and professional development. By securing internships in top calibre companies, which are rated as the best in the industry, our students have got the opportunity to gain valuable industry specific skills along with increased knowledge of the industry sector.”
“Upon completion of the internships, we see students having an in-depth understanding of organisational operations, effectively prioritising tasks and being proactive and competent to submit projects on time and to a high standard. In addition, there are clear beneficial outputs for students to effectively evidence their experiences on their CV, providing documented contextual proof of the skills and abilities they have gained, coupled with gaining good references from the companies they have interned at, who are considered top employers.”
The second value proposition of the degree is the soft skills that are inculcated throughout the period of the four years of the degree.
Mr. Ginige said, “when employers are hiring, soft skills are one of the top criteria used to evaluate candidates. As such, our students develop the skills that are most sought after by employers from the ability to deliver powerful presentations, to working successfully in teams, to cultivating leadership skills and mastering decision making and problem solving skills. Additionally, our job coaches put students through mock interviews to prepare them to face job interviews with confidence.Other value based activities include guest lectures by top industry personnel who share their expertise and provide professional insight to enhance the student learning experience.
Empowered by a study environment, teaching and academic support system on par with a global Top 100 University environment, UCL campus is also equipped…

…with state-of-the-art laboratories, contemporary teaching spaces and highly specialised facilities, where they complement classroom teaching with comprehensive study materials and resources.
Class sizes are limited to 25 students per class to maximise teacher-student interaction and individual attention.
Each student is groomed and mentored by an academic panel that is among the best in the country, who hold a minimum of a Master’s degree and some possessing a PhD in their area of specialisation.
Another benefit is that the degree has the flexibility of either completing the entire program in Sri Lanka or to get a transfer to the parent university in Preston, UK or another university overseas after the first or the second year.
Being an internal degree, it ensures that students registering at UCL in Sri Lanka are treated as internal students of UCLan, UK and will receive the same graduation certificate from UCLan, UK, similar to those studying at UCLan in the UK.Mr Ginige said, “Overall,UCL’s focus is on enhancing student employability through inculcating them with soft skills valued by employers and securing placements not merely to prepare them for their first job, but to equip them to manoeuvre their future career with confidence”.

For more details and information visit UCL Campus at Rajagiriya or contact on 0774 110 000.

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