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ANC Branch Campus Kandyoffers exciting careers that take you around with a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering

It is fascinating to see the machines that help make our world go round – like airplanes, spacecraft’s, missiles, and satelliteswhich are a direct result of the ingenuity and brilliant minds of aerospace engineers. Aerospace engineering, the study of air and space flight include designing, testing and assembling of aircrafts and space crafts. Aerospace is the third most popular field among engineering students and the latest trend is the growing popularity among high school students. For youngsters who have interests in sciences and mathematics this may precisely be the opportunity you are looking for!
ANC Education Sri Lanka’s No.1 U.S and Canadian education provider has opened its new branch campus in the city of Kandyoffering popular majors in Aerospace Engineering. The ANC Kandy branchhas been in operation for over 1 year and has offered high school students who have completed their O/levels and A/levels educational pathways to a world class degree qualification to becomeAeronautical Engineers, Aerospace Engineers and Mechanical Engineers and more.
The Buzz surrounding Aerospace
Aerospace is a specialized profession and a highly paid one with an average salary ranging between $118,089 and $147,224 per annum. Mathematics, sciences and computer programming are at the heart of generating innovative, tangible products. If you have ever wondered how a 500 ton Boeing aircraft flies, it is the genius skills of aerospace engineers.
Aerospace engineers are the brain child behind the world’s greatest technological innovations in aviation, defense systems, spacecraft’s, rocket launches and NASA’s space programs. Theyhave revolutionized space travel; helped put a man on the moon and the orbiting satellites help us communicate with people all over the world.
Qualifications to Become an Aerospace Engineer?
The minimum entry level qualification to become an Aerospace Engineer is a Bachelor’s degree. Students interested in studying aerospace engineering should take subjects in chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer programming for their O/L & A/Ls to make the transition easier into the degree program which will consist of subjects like Calculus, Fluid Mechanics, Propulsion, Dynamics and Statics Control, Engineering. Out of the handful of countries that offer aerospace engineering U.S is #1 to offer the best aerospace degree programs in the world.
ANC Education offers the 2+2 American University Transfer Program that have placed hundreds of students majoring in aerospace engineering into exceptionally good and well recognized universities. Students in Kandy now have the opportunity to study popular fields and majors at the ANC Kandy branch campus that offer the same higher education programs. ANC students have transferred to reputed universities that include; Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Purdue University, Wichita State University, University At Albany, Oswego State University of New York and LeTourneau University and many more.
Students are given a variety of options to choose and the opportunity to save up to 70 percent of the cost of completing the first two-years of general education in Sri Lanka and transferring to an American University for the last two years based on affordability, location and work opportunities.
Career Diversity
Aerospace engineers can work in a variety of industries and professions like Aircraft Mechanics, Aeronautical and Aerospace Technicians; who look after the maintenance, testing and operation of spacecraft and aircrafts, Physical Scientists or rocket scientists, Crew Members of a spacecraft who get to fly into space and many more. U.S being the largest aerospace industry in the world with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, Raytheon, and General Electric as the major American aerospace production companies, there is ample opportunity for internships and cooperative programs for students to gain amazing work experience with these top notch corporates brands offering high earning potential.
Working in the Aerospace industry is challenging and will provide immense growth opportunities. While it is essential to have analytical skills, a responsible attitude, and out of the box creativity the rewards are very high with the rare opportunity to be part of a very select and amazing industry.

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