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The #1 UK Foundation Programme in Sri Lanka at UCL !

The UCL International Foundation Year or most commonly known as the UIFY Programme is an8 month foundation programme where students after OLs can directly enroll into and begin their degree education. In an increasingly competitive job market, students look for alternative modes of education which can grant them access into degree level education within the shortest time span.
UCL offers students this opportunity with the UIFY programme.
Why is the UIFY programme the number 1 Foundation Programme in Sri Lanka?
1. Qualification offered by UK Qualifications Awarding Body
Unlike most Foundation programmes available in Sri Lanka, the academic direction for the UIFY Programme syllabus is governed byNCC Education which is a British Qualifications awarding body in the UK. NCC Education was originally a division of the National Computing Centre, first established as an IT initiative by the British Government in 1966. For more information about NCC Education please visit

2. World Recognition
The UIFY Programme is globally recognized! Upon completion of the UIFY programme, students will receive their qualification certificate directly from NCC Education which is globally recognized in countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Ireland.

3. Guaranteed Entry into UK’s Top University for Entrepreneurs – University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
Not only will the UIFY Programme qualification enable students to gain entry into degree level education across the world, but it also is a guaranteed pathway into the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) degree programmes offered at UCL in Sri Lanka.
UCLan is one of the Top UK Universities for Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is the latest trend to emerge in the world. We see entrepreneurs taking on the lead in every industry. To ensure that Sri Lankan youth are empowered with the knowledge to become the next generation entrepreneurs, UCL partnered with UCLan to provide degree education in two important areas of demand, viz. International Business, and Software Engineering.

4. Subjects tailored to prepare students for Degree Level.
The UIFY Programme subjects are tutored to building their academic skills to meet the demand and a degree education.Academic English writing, critical thinking and fundamental mathematics are focused on to provide students with a solid academic foundation.
The main key of the UIFY Programme is to lead our students into Degree level education so that they will be one step ahead in terms of experience in facing the demands of degree level educationand also in-terms of the time saved in commencing their degree level education.Save time and gain a solid academic foundation via UIFY in commencing the degree at your choice.
To know more about how you can be part of this journey, call us on 0774 110000 for more information, or visit our state-of-the-art Campus at No. 504, Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, Rajagiriya. Follow us on Facebook (Search: Universal College Lanka – Degree Division), Instagram (ucl_srilanka) and YouTube Channel for details about events and activities at UCL.

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