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University of London ; Horizon Campus Students Top Global Pass Rates for LL.B/Cert.HE

Building on their strong tradition of offering a modern, flexible, practical degree which provides a rigorous academic education, Horizon Campus which offers the Bachelor of Law (LLB)from the University of London, has for the last consecutive semesters, been able achieve an 80-87% first time pass rate for the degree.In fact, Horizon Campus has exceeded global pass rates for the CertHE& LL.B programmes for the academic Year 2017/18, according to the evaluations done by the University of London, and graciously commended by the senior management of the University.
This achievement is a tribute to the quality, dedication, commitment and excellence of the Campus in providing a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills required for students to be effective legal professionals. Combining both theory and research with practical application and skills-based training, the degree emphasizes an understanding of law in context and aims to encourage a broad outlook on legal issues, an understanding of the functions of law and of the legal system, as well as an appreciation of the place of rules of law in the construction of politics and society.
Commenting on this achievement, Dr.RuwanPerera, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Dean for International Programmes at Horizon Campus stated “I am absolutely delighted that our graduates have consistently achieved such superb results. This is a remarkable accomplishment for which our students should be very proud. This achievement is also an indication of the quality of the students we have in our programme and speaks of the quality of our faculty and their efforts to ensure that all of our graduates have a chance to be successful. From the outset, students at Horizon Campus, learn that law is not just a body of knowledge, but a presence all around us, constantly evident in our social, civil and business interactions. They learn to explore key issues of fundamental importance to society and gets involved in the acquisition of a variety of intellectual skills that include, gaining a detailed understanding of legal rules, their contexts and application, independent research and public speaking. In addition to being a preparation for the legal profession, the creative and imaginative powers of reasoning that this degree develops are also important values they gain. “
He continued “Horizon Campus’s expert staff of lecturers are all qualified practicing lawyers who have worked or continue to work in the industry. They use a combination of traditional and contemporary teaching-learning strategies so that the student has exposure to lectures, tutorials, seminar-based discussions, class presentations and practical group exercises. Assessment methods include case studies, essays, examinations, oral presentations, and written coursework. A well-stocked and comprehensive library is available to all students for research and reference purposes, complete with all relevant reports, texts, journals and magazines backed by an active mooting society. “
Continually evolving to meet the growing demand nationwide for highly educated practitioners of law and adding new expert faculty to its programmes, Horizon has through this achievement become positioned today as a campus that produces unparalleled consistency in performance of their students year after year, who will in turn make a valuable contribution to the legal profession in the country.
Horizon Campus has offered merit based scholarships for deserving students over the last 6 years to read for this prestigious degree.
The merit scholarship will be offered this year as well for the academic year 2019/20.
For further information on Registrations and the Merit scholarship scheme, please call Thilina or Jayomi on 0716 613 613 or 0713 531 531 or visit the Horizon Campus website on

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