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Full Scholarship Opportunities to Study at Tokyo International University, Japan

Tokyo International University, Japan offered five 100% special scholarships and one 30% scholarship for April 2019 intake.
The Scholarship recipients were from Devi BalikaVidyalaya, Ladies College and Galahitiyawa Central College. It is still not late to apply for the September 2019 intake. Apply now and win a Scholarship to study in Japan.
These scholarships were arranged by International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd. (ISES) the local partnerof TIU, Japan. ISES handled the complete application process from the time of submitting the application to being granted the visa. Up to now thevisa success rate is 100%.
In 2018, 14 very fortunate students were awarded scholarships by Tokyo International University (TIU). These Scholarships are valid for the duration of the programme.
The programmes offered by TIU are Business Economics, International Relations and Digital Business and Innovation.
These programmes are conducted in English medium and the duration is 4 years with internships and practical opportunities.
The students are eligible to work part time 28 hours per week during their study period and 40 hours during university holidays.
Also if the students wish to remain in Japan on completion of their studies they will have ample opportunities to work and live in Japan.
In addition to receiving full scholarships these students have the chance of receiving Japanese government funding which will cover some of their living expenses in Japan.
TIU is a reputed university among top 200 universities in Japanwith a cohort of6500 and 1000 international students from 60 different countries. Courses and the environment at TIU is designed to nurture truly international minded professionals capable of working anywhere in the world.
In the 1styear students will be focusing on Liberal Arts, Academic Literacy and Japanese Language.
Learning the language is important to manage day to day affairs and be able to get part time employment while being a student in Japan. The main programme begins in the 2nd year. Gaining a sound knowledge in Japanese and undertaking Japanese studies modules included in the curriculum will help the student to study subject matter in a Japanese context.
The opportunity to study and improve the language isoptional throughout the four year the program, except in the 1st year where it is compulsory.
That is 16 creditsfrom the language moduleis required for graduation. Students get internships and the opportunity to work on real life projects with leading companies. Such hands on training increases the students employment prospects.
The university has study abroad options with partner universities in countries USA and Europe.TIU is located in very close proximity to Tokyo, the venue for 2020 Olympics and the Rugby World Cup.
Tokyo is one of the safest megalopolis in the world. Japan as a whole is a very safe country and it is also a very clean country. Living in Tokyo is very easy and it also has the world’s largest city economy and population. To take advantage of the last chance for 2019 scholarships apply before 20th of April, It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain

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