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JMC – The International School that Provides Quality without Compromise

Education is a universal right and every child is entitled to receive the best education made available to them. In Sri Lanka, schools are focus on uplifting a child’s learning status that would enable them to become better citizens. However, many schools around the country tend to steer away from ensuring that a child receives a learning experience that is beyond that of simply graduating with a paper credential.
Amongst these schools and institutes, JMC College International is a well-known education provider. Having completed 46 successful years of operation JMC has decided to make an awareness on the solid beliefs behind JMC’s vision,to showcase the immense potential for success any child will gain, from becoming associated with them. JMC have proved their approach to education by producing competent, skillful intellectuals and professionals who values the proud Sri Lankan culture and updated with the latest developments in technology.
Realizing JMC’s Vision
Established in 1972 by Deshamanya, Deshakeerthi Senior Chartered Accountant Mr.J.M.U.B. Jayasekera, and he started only with three students who were engaged in professional education.Later on, in 1998, JMC expanded with International Schools and today, boasts of 21 branches. Those are Colombo 09, Maharagama, Havelock Town, Kiribathgoda, Gampaha, Negombo, Angoda, Kaduwela, Kegalle, Kurunegala, Rathnapura, Kalutara, Bandarawela, Polonnaruwa, Kandy, Nittambuwa, Ampitiya, Peradeniya, Gampola and Kothmale.
JMC provides education in different disciplines over 12,000 active students island-wide. Among those 12,000 students nearly 5,000 students are learning at the JMC College International Network where they offerthe local syllabus in English medium at an unbelievably reasonable cost that starts from as little as Rs. 2,900.
The specialty behind JMC is that it is also recognizedas the market leader in offering professional educationsuch as AAT, Chartered Accountancy, CMA, Banking, Government Accountancy, Information Technology and Business English. JMC was also instrumental for having instigated the Saturday English Medium School concept which provides English medium education for students from any school in the country.
JMC’s whole objective in a nutshell is to providequality education to your child at an affordable cost. Thereby, when a student enroll JMC as a kindergarten student the academic education will be provided up to advanced level through JMC College International, additional academic education needs will be satisfied through the JMC Saturday School and a Tuition Segment, Information Technology education will be covered through JMC School of Computing, Professional education will be covered though JMC Professional Education Faculty, language education will be covered though JMC Language Faculty and Degree path will be covered though JMC Graduate School. Thus, 100% of the education needs of your child will be covered under one roof.
Quality without Compromise
JMC ensures quality is maintained focusing on a child-centered education, where each and every student receives individual attention. This means that beginning from the moment a child enrolls at JMC, the entire context of learning and development is built, allowing them to face the real world and not simply limit their knowledge to the pages of a book. JMC values the harmony among all religions and races, which has created a true Sri Lankan cultural bond among students who understand and respect each and every religion and race.
Adherence to protocol and best practices in which JMC strongly believes, Mr. Jayasekera also reiterates that the exam process is one that is closely scrutinized with the intervention of Academic Board which comprises ex-education directors who have firsthand knowledge and in-depth experience in the field.
JMC has provided all the necessary infrastructure to students in order to facilitate a better-quality education. Further, extra-curricular activities from Sports meet, Art and Craft Exhibition, Annual concert, Fun fair, Wesak, Ramazan, NawaRathri and Christmas celebrations to competitions such as oratory, debating, dancing, singing, and IT literacy are being organized to identify and develop different skills of JMC students. Thus, the final JMC products are both academically sound, skillful and filled with positive attitudes. JMC has produced 9 A’s in O/Land 3 A’s in A/ L showing their excellence in academic studies. All JMC past students are engaged in higher designations in both local and foreign companies.
Year 2018 was a remarkable year for JMC. 20 years back when they start the International School in Colombo 09 branch, there was a small kid aged 06 in the first batch of students. That kid made the history by becoming a Chartered accountant in year 2018 by studying only at JMC. He is Mr. TharinduPerera who works as a Manager in a global audit firm in Kuwait. His achievement can be considered as a world record as from the first batch of student non-other school has ever produced a Chartered Accountant.
A Unique Saturday School Concept
Tuition classes are rife in Sri Lanka to the extent that one would hardly miss a bill attached to a wall anywhere in the country.We all know that such tuition classes lack the discipline and individual attention.
JMC on the other hand, has also embraced the need to offer extra classes covering core subjects and taking the concept to a whole new level, where each school operates as yet another separate schooling entity that takes place every Saturday and accommodates a different set of teachers, a Principal and students who come from various other schools.
JMC Kids IT Academy
Technology being an essential element in current context, children must be given a proper guidance from inception. Thus, JMC school of computing has provided a separate Kids IT Academy platform to all students realizing the requirement.
Educational Solutions on Par with Global Standards
Technology being a trendy feature, JMC has already taken major steps to establish a web-based student management system (www.jmc.lk) to have a better coordination. Through this web site portal JMC has initiated an online registration platform which allows parents to enroll their child without visiting the school.
There is more than meets the eye when it comes to JMC’s approach towards uplifting a child’s educational prospects and guiding them towards an intended goal. For more information, log on to www.jmc.lk. JMC invites all parents who seek a quality and comprehensive education to their children at an affordable cost to join with them! For more details contact Mr. Salahudeen 0714114792 and Ms. Malani 0714884927.

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