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The Open University Malaysia Partnered With IIHS to Offer Three Degrees on Education

The Open University Malaysia has partnered with IIHS to offer a Bachelor of Education (TESL), Bachelor of Teaching and Bachelor of Early Childhood (Hons.) degrees to students who have completed their Advanced Levels and also the existing teachers of Sri Lanka. The Bachelor of Education (TESL) degree is a 3 year internationally recognized degree which is offered by the Open University Malaysia but the program is conducted in at IIHS, Sri Lanka. (1 year exemptions apply for certain applicants with recognized Teaching Diplomas). The aim of this program is to promote the academic and career development of teachers, educators, principals of schools and others in the field of education, especially to those that teach English as a second language. The program will ensure students are equipped with adequate knowledge of methodology of teaching English. Whilst addressing the core subjects related to Education, the program further addresses research modules which add value to the learning experience at IIHS. Whilst providing employment opportunity in Sri Lanka, the degree also increases openings for employability as a teacher in commonwealth countries too. Furthermore, students are provided with the option of visiting the Open University Malaysia for study visits. Currently this program is one of the very few international Education programs in Sri Lanka which is offered to students at a nominal price.
The Bachelor of Teaching program aims to produce graduates who have wide education knowledge and skills to function as effective teachers, education officers or college lecturers specializing in primary education. Furthermore, the program aims to produce education leaders who are capable of making decisions, planning and carrying out duties effectively. The Bachelor of Early Childhood (Hons.) program is designed to meet the needs of those in interested in pursuing careers in early childhood education and who are currently (or in the future hope to be) employed in pre-schools, child care centers or other childhood care facilities. Whilst the professions are noble in nature, immense scope exists in each field in terms of employability and academic prospects. Entry Requirements for all Bachelors programs in Education include GCE Advanced Level or IIHS International Foundation in Education and HNDE (Higher National Diploma in English) or a Diploma in English obtained from a recognized institution, therefore all existing teachers are encouraged to join the program. The above mentioned international programs are affordable in nature and are 1.5 million rupees more affordable than similar international programs. Furthermore, students who complete the Bachelors programs will have the opportunity to complete a Masters In Education in Australia and Europe. For further information contact 0114651144 / 0768046060.

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