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First Time in Sri Lanka: Free Study Tour of Malaysia For All Aspiring Students and Parents

Choosing a suitable career path is a crucial factor for the lifelong success of a student. BCAS Study Abroad has created an ideal opportunity for the Sri Lankan students (as well as the parents) to explore and discover learning and career opportunities in Malaysia through a Cost-free Educational Tour.
Malaysia is a country that stands out top amongst the rest of the countries in Southeast Asia in terms of economy and education. The unique culture, glamorous green cities, , stunning yet affordable shopping malls and arcades are the reasons why Malaysia has earned the tagline “Truly Asia”.
Malaysia has already become the most sought after education destination for students from almost all countries in the world, especially Asia, Africa and the Middle East and even Australia and New Zealand. The country was ranked in 2015 as the ninth best by UNESCO for global students. Studying in Malaysia will thus give you a different experience to fit yourself into the present globalized world with confidence.
Language is no problem in Malaysia though Malay is their official language. Most Malaysians read, write and speak English fluently and hence there is no need for you to learn Malay but a smattering may be useful. International students however will never have any issues because English is the compulsory medium of instruction there in all universities and higher education institutions.
For those who are not so smart in using English, there are, of course, various schools and organizations in Malaysia offering courses in essential English. A semester or two in one of those will prepare you to cope comfortably with the English skills.
Many programmes in Malaysian universities provide industry attachments to students to apply their two-year theoretical learning in practical situations.
International students studying in Malaysia are really astounded by the low living costs. It is always possible to enjoy a moderate high life (accommodation, food, entertainment and incidentals) comfortably within 100 Ringgits (US$ 225). . So, choose Malaysia to earn your degree while enjoying life within your purse.
With more than 20 years of experience in “Building Careers and Transforming Lives”, BCAS campus now aims to provide the best service possible to students to find the most suitable education and career solution in Malaysia.
With an intention to assist and guide the students and their parents to take a well-informed decision about higher education opportunities in Malaysia, BCAS Campus has come forward to offer an exciting and never-to-be-missed cost-free study tour to Malaysian institutions. This is an unprecedented opportunity to be afforded by any higher education institution in Sri Lanka. In this connection, a special seminar has been arranged to take place on 19th November in Colombo and on 20th November in Kandy.
You may register yourself to attend this event by calling us on 0776689563 to know more.

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