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ANC to Welcome the Freshman Class –Fall 2018!

28 National and International Schools of Good Repute are Represented in the New Intake
ANC Education boasts a diverse student body. The majority of ANC students have completed their OLs and ALs in leading schools in Colombo, but several outstation schools are also represented in every class. It’s not only the urban or suburban upbringing, the diversity also comes in other forms, such as race, ethnicity, culture, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, etc. ANC has also been the college of choice for a number of international students from China, the Maldives, Korea, etc. as well as for several students who have finished high school in America, Australia, and the Middle East. These different backgrounds and perspectives enrich the college community, thereby preparing students for adult life in a diverse world.
The new semester-fall 2018-commenced on 3rd October. 28 national and international schools of good repute are represented in the freshman class. Eight newbies eagerly waiting to start college discuss why they entrusted their future to ANC:
Bhanuja Samaranayake
Past Student – Royal College
Major: Business
“America is still the paramount choice one can have to study overseas. US degrees have international recognition, and they offer excellent academics with a holistic and career-focused approach. Before moving to the US for graduate studies and some work experience, I wanted to start my undergraduate studies at ANC, for ANC delivers the same US programs and adheres to the same US standards.”
Bhanuja was a member of the college rugby team that bagged the Bradby Shield this year.
Diliru Salgado
Past Student – Royal College
Major: Business
“ANC has always been goal for many Royalists, for ANC is, by far, the most reliable US education provider in Sri Lanka. I’m already involved in family business. Northwood business curriculum offered at ANC aims to foster entrepreneurship and allows us to gain a global perspective…”
Javier Jayawardena
Past student – Gateway College
Major: Science
“Over the years ANC has become the top provider of local students to reputed universities in America and Canada. University of Toronto of Canada is my dream college, and I hope to pursue a career in medicine. I will be taking General Education classes at ANC before transferring to Canada. This is very appealing as we have the opportunity to adapt to university level academics in an intimate environment.”
During his stay at Gateway College, Javier has actively involved in sports, drama, MUN activities in addition to organizing a number of school events as part of his duties as a senior prefect.
Shaqeel Ismail
Past student – Gateway College
Major: Business
“After considering several options, what drew me to ANC was the number of success stories of past students of ANC. I too want to continue my education in the US and work for a multinational one day. Northwood business degree program at ANC is an attractive alternative to studying in America for the moment: we have the convenience of studying in Sri Lanka for prestigious US qualifications.”
Alongside academics, Shaqueel had also pursued his passion in sports and drama besides being a member of the MUN team at Gateway College.
Senika Wanigaratne
Past student – Gateway College
Major: Engineering
“I joined ANC’s 1+3 Canada transfer program, for I want to continue my education at the Carleton University of Canada. My father is an engineer. I’m also interested in a career in civil/ structural engineering. Carleton University as well as many other Canadian universities are committed to STEM education… Joining ANC is getting one step closer to realizing my career goals.”
Seneka had been a recognized athlete at Gateway College.
Sawani Perera
Past Student – Musaeus College
Major: Business
“I’m passionate about a career in the fashion/ music business, and it’s a dream to create my own venture one day. A degree in business administration is a good investment as it will provide me with the education needed to launch a successful career… ANC was highly recommended by many people including some ANC graduates. Also, ANC offers the only American business degree completion program in the country.”
Shimra Salsabeel
Past student – Lyceum
International School
Major: Psychology
“I’m interested in speech pathology. When I researched my options, I found that a degree in psychology can be more beneficial as it can open the door to a wider range of opportunities including a career in speech therapy. ANC offers the convenience of studying in Sri Lanka for world-class qualifications in psychology from the State University of New York… I’m truly excited to start college.”
Dinuka Andradi
Past student – Lyceum
International School
Major: Engineering
“I hope to major in mechanical engineering. There are many US universities that offer top-ranked degree programs in engineering. International students are also given a lot of opportunities for real-world experience in every field of study through research and internships in top companies in the world. ANC’s US transfer program has been a stepping stone for thousands of students to that world-class education.”
At ANC, they all will not only gain the excellent and personally rewarding education, they will also have the opportunity to pursue their hobbies and develop a good personality. Those who complete business and psychology degree programs at ANC find employment immediately after graduation with high profile placements in the industry. Transfer students are given the abundant support for a seamless transition.
Registrations are still open for the fall intake.
For more information, please contact/ visit us at:
• 0773 95 70 70|www.ancedu.com| No.308 – 310, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03
• 322, Peradeniya Road, Kandy
• or follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ancedu/

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