Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Edlocate is offering students who received their London GCE A/L exam and those who sat SL GCE A/L exam in Aug 2018 yet another opportunity to enrol in the July 2019 intake of the Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) of the New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) with credit transfers. The pre degree course for this entry at Ladies College Institute of Professional Studies (LCIPS) has already commenced and this opportunity is for those who do not wish to miss a semester to follow the accelerated pathway program starting in mid September 2018.
What are the advantages of following pathway program at LCIPS and graduating with the Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) from NZTC?
a. The pre degree course of one year is providing entry to the degree course with credits to complete it in 2.5 years in NZ.
b. The pre degree course encompasses facilities to achieve the required level of English to follow the degree program in NZ.
c. Students upon enrolling in the NZTC are entitled to do paid work up to 20 hours a week when program is ongoing and during vacations unlimited work hours.
d. The students upon graduating are eligible to Post Study Open Work Visa up to 3 years so that they could get employment, work unlimited hours and work towards obtaining residency if they so desire to live and work in NZ one of the most beautiful, peaceful and liveable countries in the world.
e. The degree offered by NZTC enables students to register in NZ as an Early Childhood Teacher and make it a career. Teaching is a highly respected profession in the developed world and unlike in developing countries they are well rewarded and recognised.
Edlocate is now offering students with A/L or O/L – 2 full time Accelerated Pre Degree programs starting September 2018, to enrol in the Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) at NZTC with credit transfers to the degree course in July 2019. These are ideal for
a. Students who sat 2018 London A/L and received their results just now
b. Students who just sat Sri Lanka A/L – to enrol with predicted results

The entry requirements for the Pre Degree Standard Course is 3 GCE A/L passes and a credit pass in English at GCE O/L. Those who do not have 3 A/L passes but good O/L passes along with a recognised Diploma may be considered for direct entry. Those who have less then direct entry results but good GCE O/L results could enrol in the full time Extended Course which has an additional Foundation module linked to the pre degree program –
What are the special features/ benefits of these courses?
• The courses in Sri Lanka are fully accredited by NZTC with a proper articulation agreement
• The courses are conducted under the overall supervision of a well qualified Academic Director.
• The students in the two full time courses are able to follow in-house guidance classes to sit IELTS exam in order to achieve the required score in English to enrol in the degree course.
• Easy payment terms are available for tuition fee in Sri Lanka
• Scholarships are available for high achievers
• We will handle all services to enrol in NZTC and to obtain student visa free of a handling fee.
Hurry to enrol in the Accelerated program starting mid September 2018. Contact the Edlocate office at LCIPS for more details/ a free counselling session and course prospectus by visiting offe at LCIPS, 27th Lane, Inner Flower Road, Colombo 3 or phone 011 5763589 / 0773037303 or email [email protected]

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