Thursday, May 13, 2021


Horizon Campus, gaining a reputation in the industry for being a leading education institute for science and bio technology has undertaken to conduct commercially focused research that apply food science and related scientific knowledge to enhance their products and processes.
Providing pathways for new product development: The Campus works collaboratively with academic staff and students on a project-by-project basis. The overall goal of this research is to contribute to the scientific knowledge base for the food industry . Their research projects are focused primarily on applying fundamental principles from chemistry, biology, microbiology and engineering to the conversion of raw agricultural products into foods and beverages for human consumption. They also study the safety, quality, nutritional, and environmental consequences of these conversions with the aim of providing affordable, safe, and sustainable food of high nutritional quality.
Intended learning outcomes : Ms. ShanikaGamage who heads the unit stated “the research is closely integrated with our teaching and extension programs. Students, conduct research projects under the supervision of faculty members. The aim is to provide them with an understanding of the systematic processes involved in food research and product development. It familiarizes them with the product implementation stage of food product development including preliminary product description, prototype development, product testing and the formal presentation of a new product development. This research experience helps students develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills and fosters a strong aspiration for lifelong learning.”
Students work in small groups to integrate knowledge which involve the planning, management and assessment of a product from conceptualization to launch. The outcome will involve the development of a new food product, or solving a problem facing the food industry through knowledge of market research, product design and evaluation, packaging, safety, quality and regulatory requirements. Their modern laboratories provide important teaching and research environments and are equipped with the required analytical equipment.
Current projects undertaken: Ms. Gamage stated that Horizon currently has six food technology based research projects underway with the latest research projects being carried out by students being on producing a yoghurt enriched with seaweed. This in intended to enhance the nutritional value of the Yogurt as it contains Omega 3 like essential fatty acids.
Projects that have gained recognition: She said that one of their products is in the process of obtaining a patent, whilst two other projects involving the development of breakfast cereal bars and the development of Omega 3 enriched yoghurt using seaweeds have been presented at two international conferences.
Having gained such successes and providing specialist skills and knowledge about the most important issues related to the sustainability of food production and security, Horizon Campus hopes to work towards being ranked in the leading position in the country for bio technology education.
The 10th Intake for Diploma and Bachelors of Sciences (Hons) in Biotechnology is scheduled to be started on September 2018.Interested parties can obtain further information by visiting or by contacting 0716 623 623, 0716 613 613, 0114 365 555 or visit Horizon Campus at Malabe.

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