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ANC Graduates ‘Look Back With Pride and Look to the Future’ With Confidence

Joining ANC after O Levels has been the first step of a successful career for thousands of graduates. Muzaina Shakir was enrolled on ANC’s 2+2 US University Transfer Program in fall 2013, for “American universities are not only a luxury for which students pay a high price but also the dynamism that sparks their future.” However, Muzaina was well convinced that the Northwood Business degree programs delivered at ANC also enable local students to have access to the same standard of education as practiced in the USA, hence completing her business degree in Sri Lanka was an affordable alternative to studying abroad. With the consent of her parents, Muzaina was enrolled on BBA Management program but successfully completed three majors and still graduated in 4 years and opted for the MBA program offered at ANC in collaboration with the University of West London (UWL). Muzaina is already hired by MAS Kreeda as a management trainee and grateful to ANC for the unmatched college experience with the perfect balance of academics, industry exposure, and student life that, in turn, allowed her the privilege of developing herself as a confident individual, well prepared to dive into the professional world at the age of 21.
Given below are some excerpts from the interview with Muzaina:
Q: Why did you decide to join ANC right after your O Levels?
A: It was the dream of my parents to give me the best possible education. As I was finishing my O levels at the British School Colombo, I did some careful research to make the most informed decision. After considering several factors in terms of prestige, strong academics, and unique college experience, I was convinced that US qualifications will always give me an edge in the job market. The only concern was moving thousands of miles away from family and friends-I was only sixteen! Also, US universities accept O Levels for admission, so I could skip A levels, which was a big plus because time is precious, isn’t it?
ANC was recommended by a family friend whose daughter had graduated the previous year. Initially I was enrolled on US Transfer program, but after some time I realized that the Northwood University offers its degree programs without any localization at ANC with their transcripts, course curriculums, lesson materials, etc. -it’s an internal degree, and ANC maintains the academic standards on a par with US academic partners. Also, students could save up to 70% of the cost of studying in the US for the same qualifications.
Q: What sets a Northwood degree apart from other foreign qualifications offered in Sri Lanka?
A: Northwood University’s innovative academic programs that meet emerging needs in the market place, opportunities for networking with prospective employers and industry leaders, and hands-on experience through paid internships lead to a unique learning experience for ANC students and set ANC apart. I had the opportunity to complete three majors- Management, Marketing, and International Business within four years. ANC professors are reputed professionals familiar with the workplace, so their experience enhances class examples. They wanted all of us to be well-rounded graduates who will be highly productive professionals and leaders. Thanks to ANC’s paid internship program, I was an intern at Unilever for more than 1 year. That was an invaluable experience that made me confident and career-ready. All add up to the Northwood degrees being well recognized by blue chips in Sri Lanka. I could secure a rewarding job at MAS Kreeda as a management trainee. It’s also a known fact that if one wants to attend a Master’s or PhD program in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. it’s easier with a degree from the Northwood University.
Q: What made you want to start your Master’s soon after graduation?
A: first, the MBA qualifications are offered by the University of West London (UWL) – a top-ranked university in London-and it’s one of the most reputable MBAs in Sri Lanka. Second, as we’ve already discussed, ANC had already given us a unique college experience, so I never had my second thoughts about completing my postgraduate degree also at ANC.
Q: Are there any extracurricular activities offered to complement the learning experience?
A: Of course, yes! ANC provides an environment that encourages involvement in a wide variety of activities organized by student clubs and societies as well as the Internal Marketing team. Performing Arts shows, cultural events, sporting events, volunteer service projects, and community service opportunities are some of them. I was the captain of the basketball team, secretary of the Rotaract Club, and a very active member of the Charity Club and Business Club. It was a great college experience.
Q: What’s your message for prospective students?
A: Joining ANC after O/L is one of the most important decisions ever as ANC opens the door to life-changing opportunities. You too need to be motivated to stay focused throughout. We worked hard, made use of “office hours” with professors, sought academic advising, attended remedial classes whenever necessary, went well prepared for presentations and assignments, while taking part in a number of extra activities. Yes, hard work pays off. I actually designed my future with ANC. And so will you!
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