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Brilliant Opportunity for youth, to Enter the World of Tourism and Hospitality Careers

Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management (SLITHM) the only state owned tourism training institute in Sri Lanka. It is energetically involved in the human recourses development in the hospitality industry in Sri Lanka. Strengthening manpower of the hospitality sector in collaboration with seven other SLITHM provincial schools such as Anuradhapura, Bandarawela, Kandy, Kurunegala, Koggala, Rathnapura and with the experience we had in the past 54 years, It will be able to promote it further more. SLITHM has been able to change and develop the attitudes of females workers towards the travel, tourism and hospitality sector with an increasing number of female students output.
Sri Lanka currently need 600,000 more numbers of skilled personal to fill the new tourism related employment opportunities created by the newly constructed international and Sri Lanka hotels. Tourism is a worker intensive industry try that needs sufficient human recourses for it to grow and develop, this was revealed by the Director General Buddhika Hewawasam of Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management (SLITHM) at a discussion held at last week at the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management (SLITHM). Mr. Hewawasam pointed out that the tourism and hotel sector will need 600,000 more skilled workers to be in line with government expectation to cater to four millions in the year of 2020.
. Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management (SLITHM) the only state owned tourism training institute in Sri Lanka and it is the largest professional qualifications awarding institute of the Sri Lanka in the field of travel, Tourism and Hospitality, re-organized by government under the ministry of Tourism and Christens religious affairs.
SLITHM (former Ceylon Hotels School), established by a Parliament Act in 1966, is the major national human resource training arm of the tourism and hospitality industry. SLITHM was given more statutory power by parliament Act, No. 30 of 2005. SLITHM identifies, designs and delivers necessary training and education programmes to cater the required top, middle and craft levels qualified manpower to the country’s tourism industry. SLITHM is making progress well with its national responsibilities through effective collaboration and partnership among provincial councils of the country. As the government endorsed specialty institute for Hospitality and tourism industry in Sri Lanka, SLITHM works with industry leaders to develop innovative that is the current needs of Tourism industry.
As the school has a strong connection with the Hotel and Hospitality industry, 100% of these SLITHM school students have secured placements with industry related employers especially in the star classes’ hotels, restaurants and other institutions with top level, front office, food and Beverages, professional cookery fields. Most of the Hotels that SLITHM students are interning include five stars or classified, hotels as well as exclusive country clubs and top level restaurants. Also, with strong networking linkages to their tourism hospitality establishment’s partners, SLITHM have successfully opened every avenue for the students, (graduates and diploma holders) to embark on a successful career in the hospitality sector.
Training programmes of SLITHM basically target the youths who may be currently unemployed under employed or who may wish to engage and be required high standard training for their professional career development in tourism and hospitality industry.
SLITHM is dedicated training provider for the travel Tourism and Hospitality industry, discovering a range of courses from four year degree course, three year management certificates level courses, craft level courses and short term courses. Between, five thousand to six thousand students enroll and qualified at SLITHM each year.
The institute has a wide range of programmes for four year degree and three year management. Colombo SLITHM main campus is the largest exciting dedicated center for front office, food and beverages, professional cookery, hotel housekeeping and tourism studies. As Sri Lanka largest government travel Tourism and Hospitality education provider SLITHM is delighted to make offering degree diploma, certificate course and short courses. Sri Lanka is now a top rated Tourism destination with many accolades from all over the world, to server these guests over 16000 Hotels rooms available in Sri Lanka. Hotels are looking for multilingual, highly confident, and skilled and intelligent staff for all functions
The Hospitality industry welcomes both male and female who would be capable of achieving the goals of the industry, whilst being amply rewarded monetarily. The best way to enter to this industry is to stay by education or following highly recognized Hospitality courses through recognized education institute.
If anybody wants to be a certificate, diploma and degree holder and be on a top tier, in the industry, the best and the reorganized place is SLITHM.
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