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A Phenomenal Record of Career Success for ANC Graduates

ANC Education has produced thousands of global professionals in joint collaboration with the Northwood University (NU), the U.S.A. NU is a specialized business school: through a unique blend of liberal and specialized education, the university prepares students for today’s complex, global workplace. NU ranks fourth in the U.S.A. for “Best Value Business School” (Based on PayScale’s Return on Investment (ROI) Report) and holds accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). With several specialized majors to choose from and industry-specific curriculums, Northwood-ANC partnership has established a phenomenal record of career success for ANCgraduates.
Academic Programs:
Northwood University offers a range of degree programs in areas of Business:
• BBA Finance
• BBA International Business
• BBA Management
• BBA Marketing
• BBA Hospitality Management
• BBA Management Information Systems (MIS)
• BBA Entrepreneurship
“The academics combined with internships and experiential learning opportunities provide students the hands-on experience” to launch a lucrative career upon graduation.
GPSI (Guaranteed Paid Student Internships) program:
The prime objective of the GPSI program is to ensure that our students gain hands-on experience and exposure to real-world problems and issues that perhaps are not found in textbooks. In addition, there are several other benefits enjoyed by ANC students:
• earning both academic credit and a salary
• cultivating adaptability and creativity in a dynamic world
• refining their skills
• strengthen their resumes and make a career network for themselves, which would come in handy in future
• evaluate specific companies or specific careers prior to committing to full-time employment
• unpaid internships are less likely to help grads-to-be get a job; on the other hand, paid internships guarantee students a career upon graduation
• Several multinational companies such as MAS Holding, Virtusa, Samsung, DIMO, Hilton, Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, Heyleys, etc. have welcomed ANC students as interns, and most of them have been able to secure full time employment in these organizations upon graduation. They are also given opportunities within these companies for faster advancement and growth.
ANC Faculty:
ANC faculty not only holds strong academic credentials but also frequently possess impressive work experience:they combine that expertise and their subject knowledge in classrooms. They are often sought after as consultants in their fields and truly the best out there for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
Academic Facilities:
The five-storey academic building provides students and faculty members with access to the most sophisticated technologies for teaching and learning. ANC’s spacious library is a state-of-the-art information center equipped with a wide collection of volumes and periodicals, majority of them prescribed by university partners. Students also have access to the online resources of the Northwood and Blackboard course management system. Computer labs and science labs too are well equipped to enable students to gain practical experience in the sciences and computer technologies.
Student Support Services:
ANC students are given the necessary guidance to choose programs based on their interests, skills, competencies, and future plans. Academic advising is available outside the classroom for freshmen to help them set goals and successfully adjust to college life and those who need extra assistance to improve their grades. In addition to regular classes, every student is encouraged to make the most of “office hours” with the faculty. Free remedial tutoring is arranged for those who need extra help with core subject areas in addition to SAT/ IELTS/IT classes offered free of charge.
College Experience:
ANC believes the college experience of every student should extend well beyond the classroom. ANC students are actively engaged in campus life through a wide array of activities organized by student clubs and organizations under the patronage of ANC Management.
Financial Aid:
Available financial assistance includes need based financial grants; merit based scholarships; low interest, long term loans from external sources; and monthly payment plans, everything to ensure that students remain motivated and inspired throughout their academic career.
Above all, Northwood University is offering its business degree programs at ANC without any localization, so ANC students are exposed to the same standard of education as practiced in America, yet they save up to 70% of the cost of reading for the same degree in the U.S.A.
For more information, please contact/ visit ANC:
• 0777449955|| No.308 – 310, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03
• 322, Peradeniya Road, Kandy
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