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Horizon Campus excels in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a top-notch field on focus, which has emerged into the scientific world as a result of revolutions in Biology, Chemistry, Informatics, and Engineering. Biotechnology helps out the traditional concepts of science to keep up with the pace of time and remains competitive and demanding in the contemporary world. It’s a challenging field; originated thousands of years ago in the early period of humanity. But the recent trends of biotech industry began in the 1970s after the development of genetic engineering that allowed scientists to modify the genetic material of living cells. Genetic engineering is the manipulation of DNA molecules to produce modified plants, animals or other organisms.
While obtaining a B.Sc.(Hons) in Biotechnology or Diploma in Biotechnology conducted by Faculty of Science, Horizon Campus in collaboration with Nilai University Malaysia, the students will get the opportunity of studying the use of living organisms and bioprocesses. Depending on the programme, the students will study and conduct research in biomedicine, agriculture, horticulture, microbiology, forensic science, pharmacology, food science, environmental science, molecular biology, genetic engineering and many more fascinating modulestogether with management subjects. The students who get enrolled at Horizon Campus for Biotechnology programmes will be very fortunate as they will be exposed to applicationsof bioinformatics, which is the application of statistics and computer science to the field of molecular biology. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics provide new insight to traditional fields of science. Students will be nurtured to be innovative researchers, entrepreneurs and skillful professionals. Their research projects result in all kinds of novel products and services which are being presented at local and international forum and symposia.
According to literature, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in Singapore is one of the fastest growing areas in the Asian pharmaceutical market. In China, during the two past decades, the industry has been growing at a fast pace. China is one of the world’s major producers for industrial and consumer products based on Biotechnology. In United States, advances in biotechnology are resulting in novel products, processes and services in biomedical and pharmaceutical sector products and processes that are relieving human suffering, improving health and increasing the quality of life.
The word “Biotechnology” originates from the word “Biology” and “Technology”. Biotechnology can be classified into two; traditional and modern biotechnology.Traditional biotechnology is a way of using living organism to make a new product or manipulate the existing ones. It relies on nature and natural processes and often takes a longer time to get the desired product as the chemical reactions carried out by the microorganism are slow. Modern biotechnology is related in manipulation of genes, cells and living tissue with controlled manner to make any changes in the genetic make-up of an organism.
Horizon Campus, being the most highly accredited non-state university in Sri Lanka offers, a diploma on Biotechnology along with a degree on B.Sc. (Hons) in Biotechnology awarded by Nilai University, Malaysia. Well-equipped, state of the art laboratories for Bioscience, Tissue culture and Chemistry and Microbiology provides students an excellent platform and a workspace to get the hands on experience on biotechnology. The highly academically decorated faculty members cover the course contents with latest updates and guide the students to conduct newest trends in biotechnology associated research. Internships at reputed industries are guaranteed.
Registrations are now open for the 9thintake for Diploma and B.Sc. (Hons) in Biotechnology. Still a limited number of seats are availablefor the above programs. We invite the enthusiastic young scientists who wish to take the challenges in Biotechnology and accomplishing their dream to become greatscientists in future to join with Horizon Campus.
To witness and explore the holistic environment of the Horizon Campus premises an Open Day is scheduled for 27thJanuary from 9 am onwards at the Campus premises. It will be a perfect opportunity to visit the Campus premises to witness the facilities and to meet the Faculty members to get to know more information.
Interested parties can obtain further information by visiting www.horioncampus.edu.lk or by contact 0716623623, 0716 613 613, 0114 365 555 or visit Horizon Campus at Malabe.

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