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SAEGIS Campus Offers Dual Certificate in IT and English After O/Ls

The pace of change brought about by new technologies has had a significant effect on the way people live and work. New and emerging technologies have challenged the traditional process of teaching and learning. Mobility is currently the next great movement in the workplace, and students who use technology in the classroom today will be more adapted to using it in the future. Therefore learning how to use a computer and it’s programs has become essential in today’s context as a necessary job skill.
The Government is also now encouraging every school to offer Computer learning as a part of their curriculum.However, despite the positive trends towards adopting technology in the classroom, it is still not universally available to students in all schools, with many schools struggling to havea computer lab due to it’s high cost and maintenance.
Speaking of this existing gap and the measures taken by Saegis to assist those students who have not had an education of computer learning in school the Founder and Chairman of Saegis Campus Mr. BandaraDissanayake said “whilst we understand the challenge that many schools undergo in having computer learning offered in the classroom , we at Saegis strongly believe that students in our country need to have and develop a passion and a proficiency for information technology, that will not only help them in their future careers but will also open up many opportunities for them in the IT industry. Therefore, it is with such a vision that we have designed and launched a dual certificate in IT and English for those school leavers with no computer education, to gain a solid foundation and the basic understanding they will need on which to build their future knowledge and skill with computers.”
According to Mr.Bandara, the course gives students an understanding of the principals and basic theories of business and information technology, develops capabilities necessary to effectively use information technology andincludes an introduction to computer programming. It also introduces students to managing files and folders, the Internet, Microsoft word, excel, power point and gives them an introduction to email and its features and shows them how to personalize their computers.
He further explained “while these skills might seem obvious at first, studying them now, will both save time later and also improve their daily computer productivity.”
In addition to the course offered, their dedicated lecturer panel will help with any class work difficulties, making up missed classes and other computer related problems.
Additionally,an English course that covers the normal day to day conversational skills required in business and written communicationis also offered. The course is also structured into 4 different sections each that will emphasize on developing English speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading & writingskills .All the lessons are created in a step-by-step method, starting with the easiest words, easiest grammar points, and easiest sentences, and then slowly introducing harder words to make it easier to learn.Visual aids, audio files, and speaking practice sections will be used to help every type of learner.
By offering this dual certificate in IT and English, the mission of Seagis as a premier higher education institute, is that of harnessing better computer literacy amongst the students in the country,which will in turn lead the way towards a more a tech savvy generation of young adults .

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