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High Quality Higher Education at Affordable Cost – Graduateship in Chemistry and Diploma in Lab Technology Programmes

Although it is a complex matter to decide, practically there is nothing in this country called free education especially in the tertiary education. As the State university sector is concerned the cost is born by the citizens who pay their taxes.
This manner no government can provide higher education openings to every or a majority of students who get qualified for tertiary education. Then where can students go for receiving their higher education if not selected for State universities?
The Chemical Society of Ceylon was eatablished in 1941 and incorporated as the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon (ICHEMC) in 1972 by the Act of Parliment No 15. One of the powers granted by this Act to the Institute is promotion of chemical education at every level.
In order to fulfill the target the Institute inaugurated a Lab Technicians Certificate Course in 1973 which was upgraded later to a Diploma in Laboratory Technology course (DLTC). In 1979 a programme equivalent to a B.Sc Special degree in Chemistry was inaugurated as Graduateship in Chemistry. The Graduateship Programme has a history of over 38 years now.
Institute of Chemistry Ceylon is a professional body and is a non profit organization. Therefore, it does not act towards gaining of profit unlike a business organization. Therefore it has become possible to offer educational programmes at a minimum cost.  The Government also has got impressed on this model as it is sustainable and serving the students to ensure quality education at a reasonable cost.
As    the professional organization of chemists in Sri Lanka, ICHEMC has the best experts of the field of Chemistry both in academia and Industry as the membership of the Institute.
Their continuous support is received to conduct the educational programmes. Further the Institute is having close relationships with international organizations such as Royal Society of Chemistry UK (RSC), American Chemical Society (ACS), Royal Australian Chemical Institute  (RACI) and International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).
Therefore the educational programmes of the Institute is worldwide recognized.
Further the GIC programme is accredited by the RSC, UK. This is the only such accredited degree level programme in South Asia by RSC.
The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon GIC and DLTC programmes open the pathway for higher education for the low and middle income students who are having sufficient GCE O/L, A/L or equivalent qualifications.
 For more details about the programmes please attend the orientation on Sunday 17th December 2017 at 9.30am at Adamantane House, 341/22, Kotte Road, Walikada, Rajagiriya.
Dr. Sisira Weliwegamage
Senior Lecturer
College of Chemical Sciences

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