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After A/Ls – All That You Can Be Begins Here at AIC Camp

Most Successful American and European University Transfer Program in Sri Lanka
American International Campus is the leading transnational education provider in Sri Lanka specializing in European and American Degree Completion Programs and Transfer program with a reputation of providing Students and their parents multiple choices in terms of major areas of studies, University of choice and country of choice.
AIC Campus was established with a vision to break away from the traditional one university one destination transfer and degree completion options available in Sri Lanka’s private higher education landscape. Our programs are structured in a way that the Students will have the flexibility of choosing the degree program and choosing their major at the time they decided to transfer.
American University Transfer Program – California State University Sacramento State
American University Transfer program at AIC Campus is the most successful and in demand American Transfer program in Sri Lanka with a direct link with a State University in USA. United States of America being the most popular destination for overseas students around the world and also the best higher education system among the developed nations AIC Campus vision is to provide the best option at a very affordable cost.
The 2+2 Program at AIC Campus (Two years in Sri Lanka at AIC and two years at California State University Sacstate) will provide the Sri Lankan students to complete an American Degree with a cost savings of over 60% of studying abroad.
Sacstate being one of the highest ranked universities in USA provide 38 Major areas of study in Engineering, Sciences, Business and Arts and Humanities with 24 to 36 month of work after graduation.
Global Engineering Transfer Program (GET)
AIC Campus offers the only European Engineering Transfer program available in Sri Lanka in collaboration with ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering in France. ESIGELEC being one of the oldest (over 115 year old University) with industry partnerships of over 3,000 leading companies in France and rest of Europe is a prominent research university in France well-known for its capabilities in Electronics and embedded systems innovation for Automotive and aerospace industries.
Students can complete their first two years of the Engineering program at AIC Campus and Transfer to ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering to complete the integrated MSc in twelve (12) major areas of study.
This 2+3 program is the most cost effective Engineering Transfer program in the country where parents can save over 65% the cost of studying overseas and completes a Master’s degree instead of the popular BSc in Engineering.
Business Degree Completion and Transfer
When it comes to Business studies AIC Camus offers multiple options to Sri Lankan students which no other peer can match. AIC Partnership with IPAC Business School in France has provided a vast array of options in terms of completing a world class European Business Degree right here in Sri Lanka to transferring to a university of choice in Europe and other countries.
BBA International Business with Marketing
IPAC BBA in International business with marketing is the only dual degree offered by a European (France) business school in Sri Lanka.
Students can complete the three year degree at AIC Campus with guaranteed paid internships in leading corporates in Sri Lanka and also get the added benefit of obtaining the EURO PASS. Europass gives the IPAC graduates the opportunity to list their qualifications and experience in the European Union Countries. This will help them to secure higher education options and jobs in the UE without a hassle.
This program is offered with the following options
• BBA – Full Time (Students can complete the degree in three years with Guaranteed Paid Internships in the final year.
• BBA – Part Time – Designed for working adults who could not find time to obtain a formal qualification without disturbing their career. Lectures are conducted on Saturday and few week day evenings.
• BBA – Top up Degree – Working adults with part qualification/validated two years of study approved by the university can join the 12 month part time (Weekends) program to complete their degree.
• 2+1 – France – Students can join AIC and complete the first two years in Sri Lanka and Transfer to IPAC France and complete the final year in English language. 18 months work permit upon Graduation.
• 2+2 – Germany – Students can study the first two years at AIC Campus and Transfer to Germany to complete the degree in two more years with work permit upon graduation.
If you are looking for a challenging career in Management, Marketing or International business this is the program for you to become a well-rounded future business leader with great learning outcome in theory, practical and work experience while studying.
AIC Campus, Foundation programs.
Students and parents who are looking for a higher education option soon after O/Levels and wondering what should be done, AIC Campus can provide a guaranteed pathway in the fields of Business and Engineering.
AIC Campus provides foundation programs from a leading University in Europe where students are assured of entry in to Business and engineering programs in many partner universities.
• Foundation in Business (FIB)
• Foundation in Technology and Engineering (FITE)
If you are after you’re a/Levels or O/Levels and dreaming of your future higher education options and career, Please speak to us to find out the best option available to fulfill your dream. Please contact AIC Campus Colombo on 0766 759 669/0774 409/240 or AIC Campus Kandy on 0777 230 033/0777 230 022

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